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Some basic info about me
:r6target: Spotify Account [open.spotify.com]
:r6target: My Anime List Account [myanimelist.net]
:r6target: Fav. Color: Pastel Pink,
:r6target: I speak Slovenian, Croatian, English and a bit of German,
:r6target: I'm not that good at games, hope I can get better,
:r6target: Yes I'm a weeb but I don't live in my moms basement,
:r6target: Ik this isn't much info but if u wanna learn more just add me.

:r6target: Highest MM Rank: Supreme Master First Class
:r6target: Highest Wing Rank: Supreme Master First Class

Rainbow 6 Siege
:r6target: Highest Rank: Platinum 3
:r6target: Almost level 200

Payday 2
:r6target: Favourite perk decks: Ex-President (Loud) & Hacker (Stealth)
:r6target: Infamy: 104 (CIV)

Escape from Tarkov
:r6target: Currently this is my 3rd wipe that I played. 800hrs+ total,
:r6target: Switched to SPT-AKI (Single player mod) because im sick of campers, server issues & the developers punishing casual players by nerfing everything.

"The world is yours for the taking"
"There is no difference between what is right and what is necessary."
"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor" - Alexis Carrell
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