Massachusetts, United States
I'm crazy, you know that right?

If there is a hell, you might wanna go there for a vacation after a week with me.

Things people said about / to me:

*DEAD* Hella : lawl snipers cant get me,, just your wack ass soldier lol
Friendly Neighborhood Hoovy : danger shield + medic = S K I L L
*DEAD* BloodyRum : I am very wack ass

LAAATV : dam you're a riot anti-scout pyro

A Dangerous Driver : nice grenade snipe Bloody

*DEAD* JRedStar : so this fag wants to airblast

Beep Boop : bloodyum is hacking 100%,plz kick him for a fair game

I make many people rage : Mike_N7 : goddamn demo fuck outta here


*DEAD* BloodyRum : <3 You
*DEAD* Fershky : SHIT
Fershky : bloodyRum that was a niceshot on me

Sheriff of Salem : thx solly ^.^

------------Random Funny chat(s)----------------------
BloodyRum: NO
JoshingTons: ?
BloodyRum: I saw you were typing a message
JoshingTons: lol

BloodyRum: Safety, There so you have to turn it off
(Someone): it added 30 seconds to a 10 minute scan
(Someone): clearly, unacceptable; *shuts off*

BloodyRum : More like 1 truck 6000 mexicans
2 Trucks 5000 Mexicans : lol

* lollypopkiller1 changed name to Whys the rum gone?

*DEAD* BloodyRum : That was fun
*DEAD* DrDeadHeat789 : gg rum
*DEAD* BloodyRum : gg indeed

<Someone> Here is the current, complete transcript of the ingame chat of our poker game
<Someone> BloodyRum: I won
<Someone> BloodyRum: Shot guns are nice
<Nobody> That is a good way to win poker.

<%BloodyRum> How would I setup my server to act as a network boot device / 'dick provider' so I can install debian on my machine?
< Hell> <nemo> i am laughing so hard right now
<%BloodyRum> ?
<+Kyzentun> "dick provider"
<&SolraBizna> Kyzentun, stop using your time and space powers to edit messages sent by other people
<&SolraBizna> you swore to use your powers only for good
<+Kyzentun> I contend that this is a case of me editing his message for the greater good.
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BloodyRum Apr 9 @ 2:41pm 
I am not the wrong one
Otakun the vegan :3 Apr 9 @ 2:30pm 
Are you the right BloodyRum?
rushupFreak Apr 4 @ 6:31pm 
...sincd when "ånus" is prohibited, anyway?
rushupFreak Apr 4 @ 6:30pm 
Get insanus with♥♥♥♥♥♥Cocainus.
Kensei Sep 27, 2015 @ 4:39pm 
+rep Very Patient and a great Person to work with!
ReNat71 May 25, 2015 @ 4:33pm