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Lexie   Georgia, United States
I will DECLINE if you don't!!!

I'm just a girl who likes to draw, make Garry's Mod posters, programming, heavy metal music, 20th century history, military, aviation, and of course, video games.
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So,you have your new soldiers with you,fresh from the Eastern Front. You wanna teach them how to deal with the Americans and the British and not the Die-hard Communists in the East. This will help them figure it out.
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It's one of those games where I say, "Woah! I really want to do this in real life!"

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Computer Vibes 16 de Out às 15:25 
I saw. Thanks anyway.
Nefaya 16 de Out às 9:34 
ur friend dances with boomers is a phishing scammer just letting u know:steamsalty:
Le Cupcake ★ 26 de Jun às 8:30 
good luck :)
all starz 25 de Jun às 23:21 
good luck in the army
racecar linus 9 de Mai às 13:06 
I saw you left a comment on my profile.I must have send the invitation to the wrong person.Please forgive me for wasting your time.
Computer Vibes 29 de Abr às 10:23 
Bruh I haven't played a multiplayer game on Steam for a while.