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iksD | TF2 Frag Clip of the Day #341
iksD | TF2 Frag Clip of the Day #605

5th-8th place ETF2L Mid Season 22 (Loli Squad)
5th-8th place Dreamhack Summer 2016 qualifiers #1 (Loli Squad)
2nd place ETF2L High Season 26 (Loli Squad)
1st place ETF2L High Season 27 (Loli Squad)
7th-8th place Insomnia61 (Weebtunnel Tactics)
6th place ETF2L Premiership Season 28 (Weebtunnel Tactics)
7th-8th place Copenhagen Games 2018 (LANIMALS)

2nd place UGC 4v4 Silver S8 (Gomin Gomin)

3rd place UGC HL Silver S13 (hello hello moshi moshi)
1st place WP HL Div2 S13 (Moe moe Kyuuuun :3)
1st place ETF2L HL Experimental Cup #6 Mid-High (Moe moe Kyuuuun :3)
3rd place ETF2L HL High S8 (Moe moe Kyuuuun :3)
4th place ETF2L HL Premiership S9 (Feila eSports)
4th place ETF2L HL Premiership S12 (Feila eSports)
2nd place Copenhagen Games 2018 HL (twisted: check out my winrate on genji)

troll much- is like Bloodis plays 2 div
Noob in 2 div hahahahahah
You can’t even kill me (pub med) on lobby.
undestand ?????

Hr. Pind : loosing to a bunch of anime faggots might aswell quit the game

Arvu @ASM C11/5: my anime taste is inferior to you all

<kKaltUu> why is it called swiftwater when every match takes hours

Nonaka-chan : you're a disgrace to all anime avatar people on steam
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