Missouri, United States
Hello everyone, this is my official profile of BloatedHook302. I usually don't accept friend request unless I know you personally. Please read the information below. Thanks

Applies to everyone:
• Do not add me just to become YouTuber, Streamer, or anything similar.
• Do not add me just to be haters.
• Do not send me any links to any websites containing inappropriate content, or viruses. I will block you straight away.
• Do not add me with a fake account. (Hack, scam, etc.) I will block you and report you straight away.
• If I do not reply to your message right away, I'm sorry. I'm a very busy person with a lot of other people trying to talk to me too.

Important notice:
Some fake accounts going around with my name have been seen, used as a scam for money. Such accounts are usually set as private. Note that I do not own any of these accounts and I'll never add you on any other account besides this one, especially for anything trading/money related. If you spot someone doing this, let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Computer Specifications
-CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor (3.20 GHz)
-Ram: 8GB DDR4 (2400 MHz)
-OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
-Storage: 500GB Hard disk
-Keyboard: Masione Domineering LED
-Headset: Logitech H600
-Mouse: Blackweb RGB Gaming