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sword and boardroom:
write a paragraph on why the jetpack is underrated

ok you asked for it alto
The roles of pyro come down to: Denial, denying space with airblast, claiming space, causing and capitalizing off of chaos, as well as being a general menace to the enemy team's positioning.

Shotgun assists in passive denial as well as closer range single target focus; flaregun assists in longer range single target aggression and combo plays; detonator in mobility and multi target aggression; and jetpack in pre planned sacs. Each of these weapons synergizes with various components of a pyro's playstyle. It is also important to note that weapons such as the shotgun and flaregun serve more as the weapon, whilst detonator and jetpack are much more along the lines of tools to augment how you use your primary weapon.

A pyro should run the degreaser with either the shotgun or flaregun, and a pyro should run the stock with the detonator. Jetpack synergizes the best with the backburner due to the playstyle it promotes. Degreaser enhances your capability to use your secondaries, however if the secondary is more along the lines of a tool, running the degreaser is simply a straight downgrade. The scorch shot worked well with the degreaser due to it's fire and forget spam nature, while the detonator is much more methodical. For this reason, det spam will never be as viable as scorch spam, and thus the detonator should be used to realize it's movement potential. In this case, stock works much better due to the additional afterburn, which proves valuable when using the detonator to commit to engagements.

Success for any pyro player comes down to realizing their own playstyle and putting conscious thought into what secondary to use at any given time. The degreaser should not be blindly ran by a pyro, due to the limited value it provides to secondaries outside of hitscan options and the flare gun. Overuse of the degreaser to secondary spam ends up promoting poor mechanics and results in you finding yourself in more positions where you need the switch speed in the firstplace due to having the wrong weapon out at the wrong time.

Mobility greatly enhances pyros ability to fulfill all of his roles, so thus the mobility options of pyro provide a lot of value, and work rather well with more aggressive playstyles. The detonator is the typical choice for this role, however there exists a fine alternative to it, one that gives a higher potential to your plays at the cost of flexibility and frequency.

The jetpack provides great vertical mobility to the pyro, allowing for many unexplored routes and playstyles. The detonator is better for direct jumps and for aggression by itself, however the jetpack allows for the pyro to get into a much more advantageous position to flank and cause chaos from. The jetpack itself is less stealthy to initiate with, but allows for you to do much more indirect plays in the long run.

If pre planned (Ie recommitting from below on swiftwater second through the window, vigil first to curve around the backside of the flank, end of the round koth fights etc), the jetpack can lead to great returns. The sheer surprise factor of the long range mobility of a pyro with the jetpack in hand can exploit any errors in an enemy team's positioning, which there tends to be many of. The usage of jetpack forces your focus to shift onto the flamethrower itself, and fulfilling the roles of the pyro with it.

The height jetpack jumps lead to is what tends to result in it being denied if used to directly aggress, as it leads to you being rolled by hitscan. Integral to the use of the jetpack is the arc of your jump, which can take time to practice and get used to, but is a powerful tool in the hands of the right player. In addition, you can throw people off by doing a complete 180 of the direction of your jump midair; do spins after the first stage of the jump; or otherwise completely jump backwards from where you are facing. The key to the jetpack is to be unexpected and use it to put yourself into positions where you can flank and recommit. The detonator is always going to be better for jumping right at people due to giving you less height and time to be denied, but does not allow for you to get some of the position that the jetpack does. It is a case of specialization versus utility.

Technique is important, as it will greatly enhance your ability to do the correct jump at the correct time. Timing is everything, and the jetpack should only be run on lives you decide upon ahead of time. The weapon is a very poor play if you decide to just randomly run it and jump at players with no direction.

So then, a clear goal in mind, as well as the timing is what makes the weapon successful. The weapon itself is not at fault, instead it is the typical user of the weapon who fails to realize the full potential of it. In any case, it should always remain a niche choice for singular lives and plays.

yes i know i'm a nerd thank you for donating your lifeforce to me by reading this (i win)
help i dont main pyro
I lied. I main pyro, but also soldier/demo/spy (try to guess which one I main currently though)
This will be updated periodically whenever I don't feel like being emo (potentially impossible!!!)
Discord: Bliztank#1499
RGL Profile [rgl.gg]


S19 Iron: Masochistic Meetup, Spy/Leader, 4-4
S20 Steel: Its Hip to be Square, Sub, 4-4
S21 Steel: Pythagorean Meetup, Spy/Leader, 4-4
S22 Steel: PANomonium, Spy, 3-5
S29: Home Depot eSports, Multiclass, 5-5

S1 Amateur: Sifety, Spy/Leader, 9-1 Second Place
S2 Advanced: Amicitia Nova, Sub, 6-2 First Place
S3 Advanced: Home Depot eSports, Pyro, 2-5
S4 Advanced: 1 Korean 9 Keyboards, Pyro/Coleader, 7-3 Third Place
S5 Advanced: Night Crew, Pyro, 3-6
S6 Main: Pencils, Soldier/Pyro Sub, 7-1
S7 Advanced: Home Depot eSports, Pyro, 4-4
S8 Challenger: Desperado Crush Mambo Combo, Soldier/Coleader, 8-3 so far; second place minimum

I honestly forget but I played for Home Depot EU iterations on Pyro and Spy for a bit whenever that was a thing (sometime between s17-s21 I think?)
S23 Div 3: Magnificent Bastards, Heavy, 3-2

South America
LBTF S6 Principal: Barebones, Heavy/Demo, 2-5

RSL S8 Prem: Always salt your pasta while boiling it, Heavy, 0-7

UGC S33 Platinum: Meow.BLACK, Soldier, 2-8

Misc Highlander
RGL Region Wars Div 2: Team Deep South, Spy, 4-1 Second Place
RGL Exp Cup #1 Div 3: Twenty-One Cent Communications, Spy, 2-1 Second Place
RGL Exp Cup #2 Advanced: Markers and the E-Boys, Pyro, 1-2
RGL Exp Cup #3 Advanced-2: Rareform, 3-1 Second Place


S5 Amateur: New (a)woo Order, Spy, 7-0 First Place
S6 Main: *Dabs on HL Mains*, Demo, 1-4
S7 Advanced: Blackjack and Hookers White, Flex, 5-2 Second Place
S8 Advanced: Purple Air Pods +1, Flex, 3-4
S9 TBD: The Senate, Soldier/Flex; Season yet to start
S4 EU Invite: Lure Intelligence Time, Flex, 0-7

Prolander Cups
One Day Cup #3 Div 4: Lob Laws Slob Lobs, 4-1 First Place
One Day Cup #4 Div 2: Sigafoo's Saiyans, 1-3
One Day Cup #5 Div 1: Cliffside PL, 5-0 First Place
One Day Cup #6 Div 1: Cliffside PL, 2-3
Eu One Day Cup #2 Div 2: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweek, 1-3


S28 Steel: CafeteriaMilk.black, Roamer, 3-5
S29 Silver: Blink 182, Roamer, 2-6
S30 Steel: J4MMERS R3BORN, Roamer, 4-4

S31 Open: w3rldw1de rUn d0wn, Roamer, 7-9

S1 Intermediate: The Enemies Lack Lemons, Roamer, 5-11
S2 Intermediate: Purple Air Pods, Roamer, 14-5 Third Place
S3 Main: Has Anyone Seen Naknak?, Roamer, 9-8

S1 Main: Kegateam, Flex, 2-3
S2 Main: Eat Sleep Fortnite Repeateded, Flex, 11-3 Third Place


S15 Steel: Spymid, Soldier, 6-3
S16 Silver: Fellas 2.0, Soldier, 5-3
S18 Gold: Pizza Time, Sub, 4-6
S19 Silver: Bald KSI, Soldier, 6-5

Misc Stuff

Knightcomp, I forget the details
Ready Steady Pan S5, Playoffs ( Almost 100 kills [logs.tf])
The two RGL fresh meat prolander cups, I forget the details
Subbed for some SA 6s team, I forget the details
2007 7s: Auto-Alien, Flex/Leader, 4-0 First Place
Probably like 500 other small tournaments/cups
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