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Time is what is made of it. Time waits for noone to make a mockery, yet shuts out those who wish to escape it. Sometimes if being yourself isnt enough, it weighs on those who think it and propells those forward who wish to mock it. Sometimes one cannot erase what has been started, yet shapes thier future. Looking back at a legacy left can create a future of either bright blue skiies, or dark days. even dark days can be filled with the shine of light leading to a hope. we live to serve purpose, yet sometimes may not be able to find it withing ourselves. The biggest knife to a back is to speak of someone lowly in thier prescense. The pain and battle of facing those who were once the person to heal the wounds left from bad days can be the worst faught battles. Holding your front can help, but if noone fights by you it feels like a battle lost. we may do what we highly regret in time, and those events will be what is seen, lived and breathed, without being brushed over. we are but people, a single species in which are built to interact and live in harmony, but is broken for the few who are discordal. but those shut out by others may feel worse, even if they appear to initially inflict pain. harmony can be the importance of humans, and so it shapes the future of our species.
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