Blanc (Next White)
Please comment before you add me. Our 6s team is done for the season and we are hiring for Highlander.

I'll show you the power of the Next Gen. :BBeldrid:
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Set 'em up; knock 'em down!!
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I’ll show you...
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:SpeedEmoticon: [LDS] Whoopknacker (My battle bro)
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.... and my fellow highlander teammates.

And so, I X-plain my backstory...
I'll show you the power of Next Gen... :BBeldrid:

I'm just a proud weeb and battle-hardened warrior making SFM artwork for friends. I'm always taking ideas for making artwork, even if your ideas are not the best, anything is accepted. Feel free to request SFM whenever you want it.

I will never ask you to pay anything when I make SFM artwork for you. IT'S ALL FREE :-D [/b]

• Online – I can go anytime.
• In-game – Pretty self-explanitory it is.
• Away – Busy with work or college.
• Offline – Dealing with other agendas or resting.

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Discord tag: Blanc (Next White)#7610
RocketID: Blanc#1584

Competitive experience
:BLINK: UGC 6v6 Steel
• Season 29
• Team: Hyper Esper
• Best Result: Swiss rounds - 2W-6L

My themes:
Razihel – Renzokuken (Main theme)
Dion Timmer – Panic
Razihel – Skybreaker
Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizavita) (Teminite remix)
Stephen Walking – Walkers
F.O.O.L. – Showdown
Pegboard Nerds – Self Destruct
Kasbo – Again
Razihel – Bad Boy

Q1: Your favorite music type(s)?
A: My most fav is Dubstep, but I also like future bass, trap, glitch hop, electro and drumstep.

Q2: Favorite artist?
A: It's Razihel , he's so awesome. :-D

Q3: Your dream skin?
A: For TF2, it would be a Strange Neo Tokyo Panic Attack, cuz it's a pretty fun weapon for an aggressive play style. I've already got my dream CSGO skin which a StatTrak M4A1-S Nightmare (FT).

Q4: You play competitive?
A: I play in the UGC Competitive League, formerly playing 6v6 but now I'm transitioning to Highlander. In Rocket League, you bet I do a lot. I don’t play CS:GO competitive mode because of how toxic it is and I avoid it because of the Overwatch system.

Q5: You ever owned an unusual or plan to own one?
A: Actually, there was a time where I owned two unusuals; one was a Scout’s Battin’-A-1000 taunt with Hellish Inferno (worth 12 keys) and the other was a Soldier’s Requiem with Spectral Swirl (worth 20 keys). I’ve since sold them off a long time ago, and I don’t want to own any more unusuals, cuz they’re a waste of time and money.

Q6: Could we trade together?
A: Well.... I’m not really someone who trades. Besides, I don’t trade anymore. If I feel like it, I’ll let ya know. Bear in mind I will check your Steamrep and I will record the trades, so don’t think you can scam me. :vort:

• If you’re not gonna open crates just sitting there in your inventory, I recommend deleting them. It saves a lot of space and time.
• Always watch your six for Spies; I can’t stop emphasizing this crucial tip!
• Fight your enemies on your turf; not theirs.
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Created by - MiNoS* ヅ
In this guide i will show you blue themed inventory / loadout ヅ

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[TDC] Cheese Jun 22 @ 9:30pm 
+rep gg bro, even though you took an hour to get ready lmao
Yosephus | Jun 17 @ 9:42pm 
Added you because you commented in the RGL group.
w_ Jun 5 @ 1:18pm 
Watch out for this guy on your friendlist: he tried to scam me.
Bradz Jun 2 @ 8:06pm 
Hey, after consideration i've decided not to be a participate in the team. thank you dearly for the offer and i hope you can find a suitable replacement
rapscallion May 23 @ 1:39pm 
Added for highlander
LucaCola™ May 23 @ 1:07pm 
Thanks for the compliment, but I don't have enough time to be in a competitive team. I hope you find the best teammates for your team.