Will C.   Richmond, Virginia, United States
Game Masochist
All Around Sarcastic Bastard.
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I no longer accept random friend requests. I will only accept a friend request if:

1. I know who you are.
2. I have chatted with you directly at least once.

If you don't talk to me every so often, you may be removed.

Various Websites I Use:

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Trading And Friend Request Info

If you wish to trade with me, please use this link For Trading Offers
Ridiculous trades will be ignored. Further attempts will result in a block.
I do 1:1 trades for Trading Cards but I do not accept CS:GO, TF2, or Dota 2 cards since they are so common.
Foils must be traded for Foils unless the deal is good enough.

Profiles that are set to Private will not be accepted unless I know who you are.
Please keep in mind, I don't check my pending requests all the time. Give me a day or so.

If You Are On My Friends List

1. Status:
Online: I am around so feel free to chat with me.
Away/AFK/Sleep: Not here but sending messages is fine.
Busy: Working. Don't send messages.
Offline: Not near computer or phone. Messages is fine though I may not respond.

2. Try to not spam me with a ton of chat messages over a short period of time. I will answer eventually.
3. Sending me links is fine as long as they are NOT from a link shortener or harmful (Viruses, etc.)
4. If I am in a multiplayer game with limited player slots, please don't just randomly join my game.
5. Asking for free stuff is the fastest way to irk me. I will ignore first attempt and remove/block second attempt.


About BladeTwinSwords

Name: Will C.
Gender: Take A Guess...
Age: 28
Location: Virginia
Occupation: Lab Technician
Preferred Music: Metal (All Kinds), Rock (Most Kinds), Folk, Classical
Preferred Gaming Genres: FPS, RPG, Puzzle, Platformer
Favorite Games: Doom, Ys IV, King's Field, Raiden, Wasteland, System Shock 2, Wizardry 8
Favorite Movie/Anime Genres: Action, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Mecha

As for other info. Just ask in chat. I tend to not start conversations due to being rather busy. I will answer just about any question you have.

Current PC:
26'' BenQ Gaming Monitor
i7 Sandy Quad Core @ 3.4Ghz
16GB Ripjaws DDR3 RAM
2TB 7200 RPM HDD (Western Digital)
1TB 7200 RPM HDD Portable (Western Digital)
500GB SSD (Seagate)
Corsair Gold Rated 750W PSU
Win 7 Enterprise x64
Systemax Gaming Mid-Tower - Blue LED
Ducky Shine 3 with Brown MX Switches - Blue LED
Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse - Blue LED
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Flightstick
Logitech Soundsystem
AZIO Levetron Headset
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My Growing Video Game Collection
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I will not give you my items for free.
Begging will also get you nowhere.
Foils must be traded for either 1 Foil Card, 5 Normal Cards (No CS:GO, TF2, or DOTA 2), or an equivalent value trade.
Those who do not follow these rules will be ignored.
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Deus Ex: Revision
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SpeedRunsLive - Public Group
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Mithril 14 hours ago 
You're amazing! :summer2019cockatiel:

Sen inanılmazsın! :summer2019cockatiel:
Mithril Jun 23 @ 5:27am 
You're amazing! :ElectricalCharge: :steamhappy:

Sen inanılmazsın! :ElectricalCharge: :steamhappy:
BladeTwinSwords Jun 19 @ 7:10pm 
Not my ban, contact whoever banned you.
Hyena Jun 19 @ 9:13am 
Now you guys just keep proving how immature you are with each year, good thing azure never comes around anymore.
Hyena Jun 19 @ 9:12am Pretty cool ban message for someone that was told to kill themselves and got blackmailed with an encylcopedia dramatica.
Mithril Jun 5 @ 3:15am 
Herkese hayırlı bayramlar dilerim, umarım gününüz iyi geçer :steamhappy:

I wish you a great day, hope you'll enjoy it :steamhappy: