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I once had lots of dreams , beautiful ones ...

but imagine that you gave all u got to reach your goals your passion ,your health , your sanity , your time, all your efforts at the point to start bleeding inside

when ever you fall you stand up again and say : it's my own dreams not anyone's else and you try over and over again cause in your heart you think that it really worth a try

but imagine , in a point of your life all of these things just vanich like it has never been before , only memories stays and cut you into small pieces whenever you remember them ..

that one thing that you've been living for , that one thing that made u feel that your life isn't worthless , that one thing that helped you to stay strong by thinking that at the end you'll acheave your dreams..

normal people say : *dreams come and go , just make new goals and work for them , life won't stop if you're sad ,what are you going to do with your life if you just give up ? *

yea sure i already know all these words i used to say the same words to those who gave up life , seems easy to say when you don't try it yourself , i once believed in these words , when i was allright , when i lived a happy life , but not anymore , maybe i still believe it, but can i really follow what it says ? i don't think soo..

at that point when you lose all your dreams ,your hope , your happiness , you'll cry , you'll feel sad ,it's normal . And days go on but suddenly you just don't feel anything anymore , not sad even not happy just something between them that makes u feel empty , doesn't mean you won't laugh anymore , you'll , you'll try to live a normal life like u used too , but once you're alone in your own ,you'll fall down on your knees and feel that your legs couldn't handle the heavy you anymore .

it doesn't mean you didn't try to not be in the situation you are in ,you'll try hard maybe for so long to take back the old happy you , to forget what broke u into pieces and just try to start again , but sometimes even when you try hard you'll just get tired at a point of your fight with yourself

i know what normal people will say again : *you're still young , you can change lot of things , life worth a living you'll just need to stand up and see what's hidden for you * they will say :* it's not a big deal , that may happen to anyone but life goes on , don't play the sad person , you'll just hurt yourself not anyone else *

i see , but you can't judge me by comparing me to other people , not all people feel the same , not all people live in the same situations ,if all people had the same ability to forget what hurts them ,we would't hear that someone commited suicide ,we wouldn't hear that some people suffer from depression

you won't know what a person feels until you live his life just don't tell me to be okay anymore cause everything just died inside

maybe that time will come when i'll behave like the old me , laugh and make jokes and seems to be happy ,but don't ask me what i really feel inside at the end of the day i'll suffer alone ,i'll cry alone , i won't bring anyone with me to that sad dark side of me .

i just don't have the energy to tell someone what hurts me anymore .

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CruzAider 34 minutes ago 
+rep a wise and friendly teammate
GMZ| FUMAX Feb 13 @ 7:13am 
Time is up.
GMZ| FUMAX Jan 31 @ 6:14am 
Jerry The Music Box ™ Jan 31 @ 6:13am 
just calm down, buddy,
GMZ| FUMAX Jan 31 @ 6:10am 
Seriously please I did not know I was not going to get anything on ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jerry The Music Box ™ Jan 31 @ 6:08am 
ah... fine