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I played it on the PS4 before, it was a really nice story game, less heavy on the gameplay that great if you want to play it with someone that is less gameplay savvy, that is one more great thing the two-player mode
However notice this is much more of an interactive movie than a game, pretty much everything is very forgiving if you mess up
The game has replayability as it gives choices that affect the story a little, and you may want to play to pick a different path, even that in the end the changes in the overall story are not huge

I recommend playing this with someone else, even more, if you want to maybe get someone a little into games

The story is really nice and simple

Over all I will say a good game
Posted November 27, 2020.
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It's simple it's clean and you may get a life lesson from it
The Plan is a short and simple game
You not likely to play it more then once, but it's simple it's free, and it's easy to 100% if you just trying to up your achievements

I do recommend to play it, and try it out, and maybe take that life lesson with you
Posted September 7, 2020.
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No playtime here, as played on the PS4 the first 2 games all ready and completed 100%
its a great remaster of the game, giving it more character but remaining loyal to the original idea and gameplay

The game itself is good, even if the acting may be a little off on today's standards, it's still a great game to play, and gives some challenge that part of it can be an option

Was fun enough to get me to go all the way to 100% on the first play, and to get back on it and play again on the PC after played it on the PS4 and before that on the PS1 (Only played the second game back then)

I do recommend the game for old fans and possible new once
Posted November 27, 2019.
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Honestly did not play this type of game before this, and honestly found it really fun, and worth to play
I can only recommend it, the game keeps adding new characters and maps that keep the game interesting all the time same with events
The community can be a little bit of a pain at times, even that when you find someone you play with right its a great enjoyment
It is one of the games I say, one more game...

So ya, highly recommend you give it a try, and hey it's free so why not :)
A controller is highly recommended
Posted June 29, 2019.
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Early Access Review
Great fun, you can feel you fly, and no sickness if you are at least not too sensitive to it

The maps are pretty good, and shotting feels good, the community is fun, and the gameplay works well for going around

May have been a tiny bit better if had a little faster speed, but the speed is likely limited to not make you sick
Posted November 22, 2018.
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Time moves when you move
A wonderful fun conspet that is exstreamly fun to play

The games story is really fun, building up an intresting idea and game to play with a good story

These game is that one game out of many games that has a great idea, and was exsucted in a great manner

Main thing i do blam the game how ever is that its a little short

I had the game from the KickStarter and compeltely do not regret helping it out back then
Posted November 22, 2017.
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Played the game in Co-Op mod with my sister, was pretty fun (Plus bugs that give us some good laughter except that one that we had to reload the level, as it give us invisible foe but it saves pretty often so not so bad)

In the game, you follow a story of a Vampire Hunting Knight with a Vampire locked to him that need to fight foes on the way to save the world (yada Yada Yada)
Overall I found the game pretty fun, the story is nothing too amazing, I highly recommend to play it with Co-Op and not alone as its more fun like that

Short the game is simple, and recommended to play with a friend
Posted November 13, 2017.
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Short review opening: I was disported big time from these game as a single play/VS player
I used to play Tekken back in 1,2,3 and love the game back then, how you got to play each character and see a small story of them
and now i am here with Tekken 7 that feels like they did not try as much, that they wanted you to just go multiplayer
While playing the AI was clearly not trying, had times where i basically did something simple like stand in place, so they attack the air, or worst of the worst a bonus boss that was just cheap, i mean when you are laying on the ground, and all he dose is keep shorting a far range attack that cant attack you on the floor over and over again basically spamming that attack it dose not feel challenging it feels just annoying
Or when you need to fight with 1/4 of the heal vs a boss that heals every second a little while you fight (and is blocking your attacks even while his attacking)

Adding to that the Tea Break mode (AKA Rage Art) that was also in Injustice: god among us it just dose not feel fun when you winning and just as you come to give a punch time freeze and your foe lunches a Rage Art attack that you cant avoid or deny then, and takes around 1/4 of your HP

But hey i don't play that many fighting games over all, but these just feels to me like they want you to play multiplayer, and trying to improve the game, that was pretty good as it was
Posted June 4, 2017.
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I am kind of sad i do have to rate these virtual art down, it had some good things abut it (that il get to later) But the over all experience, was not something i can say i will have buy if i know what i seen now
I do think these can become better with a little things, but then it may not be as the Dev meant for it to be, and there for these is just my opinion on the matter and dose not count to nothing else beyond that
I will also like to note starting these review, i got it for free on a Giveaway, and did not pay for it

First of all i want to say i think the idea in these experience is really good
Second of all the i really did like the music
Third the way they present the different aspects was made pretty well

Now where i find the game weak point to me at least
1. The teleportation in most cases, set my room on its side i have a room that is abut 3x2 meters, so by giving me the shorter side of the room first, i was unable to really walk beyond just a little bit, meaning i used Teleport pretty much for every small movement, also i do not think i was able to just "walk" my self using the touch pad that may have also helped in these case..

2. From one part to the second part i had to jump back into the waiting room, that really taken me out of what ever was felt so far, i think making something like clouds or something there to show so you do not see the waiting room may help

3. There is long parts that have you reading text, that over all i am fine with, expect that sometimes the text showed in the edge of my play space, and there for i had to walk to the end, and was not always able to see what it says there or at least it made it harder to read when the text was long
On the subject of text, the music worked well, but i do think that small sounds in some of the parts may help, maybe adding someone really saying stuff when they talk, or add just some sound effects like door closing or crying, i think that can add much to that

4. The last "Boss": I like the idea of the ending of the game, the way it was down how ever i found very bland, after a build up of how they show every thing else, i was expecting more then what was given as the last boss

End of review: I think these experience has a lot of great ideas, and something that is not really seen before, but the excision sadly is not taking it to its full potential
Posted December 9, 2016.
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Time taken: 40 minutes for all the experience if you do it really slow you can maybe get 50, and that is with lots of talking and just watching
These review was written after doing the experience my self as well as letting a relative a go, they seem to have the same opinion
Sum up of there experience: "That is it?"

Sadly i will have to not recommend these experience at these time, i can only maybe recommend it as a first time experience to VR
The sum of it, these will be the first game i requested a refund on with a 22.49$ price tag, and all the things i heard of it, these needed to be much more then what it is

There is no really much i can add that someone else did not say all ready but i'l try any way
The Good:
  • The game is beautiful even with my GTX 970 i was able to see that even that the sittings do show it can become better with a better card
  • Graphics and super sampling menu build in, is a great plus
  • The tenant part feel pretty good
  • The small segments are pretty nice
  • Learn a little abut Everest without leaving the house

The bad:
  • The experience is very short
  • There is very small parts to do,
  • If you do not have a very big room, you will have to teleport in many of the parts with no ability to move back and and fourth to feel the full walk (i do believe they at least need to add a recommission for bigger rooms)
  • The part on the store page that says "EVEREST VR is a powerful first introduction to VR" is true , the game may feel much bigger to new comers to VR, but a user that all ready did outher things, will feel disappointment from it
  • The game lets you do things like put things on your back, and talk abut areas, but you never do them in the game it self

  • Biggest of all of the bad things in my opinion the small details, they seem to have left them behind, and that is one thing that really harms the game
    1. You have food on the start, you can eat any of it
    2. You pick an ice peak, you never use it
    3. There is no walking from one part to the second part, you just get teleported from one to the other
    4. The end... you get a flag in you hand (yes it show up from no where, its not handed to you, you do not take it out of your pack, you do not pick it up, it just shows up) and you need to place it on the top of Mount Everest but you cant pick a spot, you have to put it where the devs tell you to put it, and its not your flag, its EVEREST VR™ flag

    Personal sum up
    EVEREST VR feels like something that was worked hard on, but with all the work they forgot to put a game in there, they forgot the small parts that can make a VR experience from good to amazing
    These is sadly the first game i ever refunded on Steam as much as i remember
    I waited for these game for a long time, really wanted to see it yet keepet my self away from the hype, with a 22.49$ i expected it to be as much more then what it was

    Will i buy it again?
    Yes i will if the Devs takes things to heart and update it, give the little things to be done, let the feeling last a little longer, let the user feel he did not just buy a short demo
Posted August 8, 2016.
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