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Originally posted by Ra's al Ghul | 科学怪人:

"there was an error uplaoding the Screenshot, Steam cloud may be temporarely unavailable, pelase try again later"

i tried uplaoding single ones and more than one screeny, nothing is working.
Well in that case I think you may want to contact support may be an issue they need to look into or an error message that is missing
Originally posted by Portal Studios:
Thanks for the feedback Black Blade.
So building on what you pointed out, we would have to find some sort of consumables / items / upgrades that extend your default load-out in order to have something you could buy with that money.
This would mean more (probably new) mechanics or perhaps extend the amount of arrows you carry of each type etc.
This is definitely cool but at the same time requires a lot of attention so to not make the player overpowered - balancing difficulty in game can be a real challenge at times.

Another possibility is that we could maybe make those purchasable items be more cosmetic, like a better looking bow, gloves etc.

Just throwing around ideas with you guys, haven't really delved into this topic just yet.
Well honestly when saying selling I was meaning more to get rid of it, can even just be some type of a simple point system or the like
Or maybe something to help you display your stuff better...

Il think on it more, any way need to find some time to sneak around more
4 hours ago
In topic Ace of Spades' Future
Should point out the game was on the Yogscast 2015 jingle jam bundle on Humble Bundle few years back, maybe you can find someone that has a key yet

Also, you can maybe try from site like this (even that I should point out I normally don't suggest to get stuff from there, it's helpful sometimes when you cant get it anywhere else)
4 hours ago
In topic A better way to play with friends
First for one friend you can go to there profile and look at there games then check the box to only see what you both own (Maybe you meant you know it? was not sure from your post)

Beside that this site may help till Valve dose something like this:
4 hours ago
In topic Choosing a headset
Originally posted by Professor Dolphin:
I ordered it two days ago, it came today but I was not home this morning so I have to go to the FedEx building at 5 to pick it up
Good luck :D: let us know how the setup go

Love to hear experience from new system users
4 hours ago
In topic alot of time i get this problem
Try to move the scrolling thing a tiny bit, and see if that helps
I think that if you move too fast it may sometime trigger it to think its moving or something
4 hours ago
In topic How to translate a Steam guide?
You make your own guide that translates it
And maybe tell the original maker of the guide you did so if they want to link to it

Or what are you talking about?
4 hours ago
In topic What games to play?
Like to point out a little what you like? what are your room specs? (how much space you have there)
And beside that welcome to VR :D: hope we get to see you around
Originally posted by Ra's al Ghul | 科学怪人:
stil lgot the problem IDk man 2,5 weeks now and its a steam issue?
2.5 weeks O.o so no its not what I was thinking it was
Also I think what I talked about got fixed

Dose it give any error message?
Did you try to upload more then one item?
19 hours ago
In topic Choosing a headset
Originally posted by Professor Dolphin:
I actually recieved my answer very shortly after asking the question. I ordered it straight from HTC's website (so I might be the reason they are currently out of stock?) and shortly after posting my comment here I got a message from fedex with a shipment number saying there is a package arriving for me that I need to sign tomorrow by 8:00pm est. I don't order a lot of things so there really is only one thing that could be, haha
Wait when did you order? O.o they where out of stock of weeks now
I honestly want to know got a friend that want to order but cant till its back in stock
Originally posted by Matthewtrains:
nothing? im just saying i need to keep steamvr installed
I don't think you understand what I am trying to ask at all
Did you install any software for VR except SteamVR or Oculus Home?
Anything like TrinusVR, iVR or another?
Jul 17 @ 1:53pm
In topic Steam VR Dashboard Disappeared
Open SteamVR
Open SteamVR Settings
Go to developer tab
See if "show dashboard..." is checked

May have spelled it wrong going to bed XD
Silly maybe to suggest this, but any chance you havea friend you can take the headset to and test there?

Also did you try to see if you can maybe use only one base station and if it works then
Jul 17 @ 1:30pm
In topic Fix your garbage video buffering
Originally posted by Euphytose:
Also, if I go on a store page that has a stream in it, same thing, client will very likely freeze. And there's nowhere to disable that stream crap.
"And there's nowhere to disable that stream"
You mean like this: (scroll to bottom)
Originally posted by Corbian:
't was self-censorship, and not because of any forum rule. :2018salienbeast2:
You can say that, but in a way its showing more then the filters will have shown that is bypassing them if you did ****ing it be alright but when you put letters in that, that are censored normally I think that can count as bypassing, but will depend on the mod

Originally posted by Corbian:
"one is taken to show the card" is your pure speculation, it can be to show its image, or both. Like a photo of a painted motorbike : is it about the engine or the painting ? whatever...
"the second is for the profile" : yay, and ? what are you meaning here ?
If I shoot my computer's screen, it will be an "image of the physical item" (with the specific colors balances of my screen and my camera, and the specific ambient lightning), so may I post it instead of the original ? Knowing the photo may be of lesser quality, it may show a negative image of the original author, what do you think about that ?
The Right to Quote as pointed before is for things related to the Quoted
In other words, you can quote part of the book some book saying "Love the smell of chilly in the morning" if you want to use that in the context of talking about the line, or about the movie that it was in or the book or whatever
But you cant use the Right to Quote to quote that line just because you want (and without saying who is the source)

Just to point its yet possible that it's allowed, but I honestly don't think the Right to Quote is the part that will allow it, I don't think its use fits for what we are talking about

Beside that to be completely honest taking a photo of the card I wonder if its even breaking anything at all, as I am not even sure that is considered the same, but that is really diving into CopyRights, and that I am not sure we should go too much into without a layer :D:
Jul 17 @ 1:13pm
In topic too ♥♥♥♥ing complicated
Originally posted by silver dragon dragania cnl:
just different kind of system so you see i've been screaming and when i thought i found out it wasn't functioning the way i believed it supposed to i kinda cried it didn't work as i believed and thought i wasted alot of money on something i didn't think worked properly
Dose it work now then? you understand how it works now?
Jul 17 @ 1:09pm
In topic any vr games w spectator mode
This may be found helpful:

You want the Asymmetrical Local Multiplayer area

Personally my sister liked the most
It also has paid version that I think has more content (But I yet to get around to get it :( )
Originally posted by Lord Marquad:
snake is love...snake is life:2018salienpsychic:
Snake... Snake.... SNAKE
I think that means snake is dead
Jul 17 @ 1:06pm
In topic too ♥♥♥♥ing complicated
Originally posted by silver dragon dragania cnl:
well i mean mainly mean wired to the computer and i was confused with the power outlet so i thought WTF is this kinda ♥♥♥♥!
O so you mean that you were thinking its all wired like the Rift is?

Anyway, now that I hope you do understand it, does it not look more simple?
I honestly found no issue when I did it, but then again I only ever installed the Vive
Jul 17 @ 1:03pm
In topic too ♥♥♥♥ing complicated
Originally posted by silver dragon dragania cnl:
with my experience of oculust right i thought i needed to put everything to the computer and it wasn't bluetooth and everything were completely wired which made everything more diffecult
So the mess is because you were trying to set it up like the rift?
And when you say wired you mean to power outlets?
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