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Originally posted by Ungstein:

Seeing as this allows PCs from prior to 2003 run Steam, I think that puts a bit of a dent in the whole "Win7 is not supported" theory.
Not really, it still does not mean that Valve is testing on Win7 if that is creating an issue

But anyway just said its a guess on a possibility as something on Win 7 may be clashing with something on Steam that can create an issue, and if so any win7 user without it or a win 10 with it is likely to help clear it out as an option

I do agree its not likely, but wanted to put it as an option, but need more users with the issue to compere and try to find what is shared to help find the issue
It's possible that if you did many refunds they found it over abusing the refund system and therefore did not accept it
Refunds is not for testing games, its in case even after all the research the game had issues

I don't know if its the reason, but it sounds a little like it may be it from the start, can only recommend you try to refund less and research more (if that is possibly the reason from your own experience and how much you refund)
6 hours ago
In topic Forum rules and political speech
Is this better?
Originally posted by Wiki:
Social justice warrior (SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual who promotes socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, and multiculturalism. The accusation that somebody is an SJW carries implications that they are pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction, and engaging in disingenuous arguments.

The phrase originated in the late 20th century as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice activism. In 2011, when the term first appeared on Twitter, it changed from a primarily positive term to an overwhelmingly negative one. During the Gamergate controversy, the negative connotation gained increased usage over-shadowing its earlier origin.
Seeing that SJW is a term that was at least pushed more as of late, I don't think there is one definition set in stone

And beside we can just use are own knolage and find what it means
Social - relating to society or its organization.
Justice - just behavior or treatment.
Worrier - (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

Nothing about it really means political, I think over all, so don't think should be blocked, same as Trump should not be blocked just as its a name of someone that is in politics now or black or white and so on

I mean if you really want to block anything political you will want to block any of this
And do the same in every language
But I think at that point you going over kill, when you can just report and let the mods deal when someone does break the line on it
11 hours ago
In topic Forum rules and political speech
Originally posted by Meowbeast:
That's not how the rules are supposed to work. I suggest you read them here.

It says "Do not post any content on Steam containing the following:"

In that list, "Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads"

That should include SJW rants.
If you read that you may find:
Should you observe a fellow Community member breaking these rules please report the post or item by clicking the Report () button located on every item, post, and review.
Please note that Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete/move/merge any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate, abusive, or incorrectly categorized.

If you see something that breaks the rules report it, if the mod then thinks it breaks the rules they will deal with it, but don't expect mods to be everywhere at all times, as in the end there human
If you see something you think breaks the rules report it, and it may be taken care of
If you don't report it, it may not be found and therefor not enforced not because they don't want to, or not trying but because you did not do your part there
11 hours ago
In topic Inventory Recycle Bin
Originally posted by Prince Vegeta:
Perhaps adding gem value of 0 or 1 to the objects might work instead?
If you trying to bump by deleting and reposting, I should note that mods can see deleted posts and will know you have done so :D:
Its likely Valve saw this already by now from you or someone else
12 hours ago
In topic Outside merchandise
Maybe silly but are you sure the vendor is legit? and not a scam?
13 hours ago
In topic Outside merchandise
Originally posted by samrrye:
Good to know. should I change my steam name to the Fallout 76 name because that's how I ordered it? Thanks for any input.
What are you talking about?
14 hours ago
In topic Outside merchandise
Originally posted by samrrye:
Bought armor online. Vendor far away. He said he would send it to Fallout 76. When should I get it.
You be better asking on the Fallout 76 forums if this is a Fallout 76 topic

if not need more info
That may work as a workaround but I don't think its really a fix on this
There is still the question of why its going bunkers there 5GB don't sound reasonable

I try to overload it by just shifting in the library scrolling down user content and got to around 1GB:
But I was really pushing it, scroll down for a while in the user content (That you said is disabled) and try to move from game to game, both did not seem to grow it all that fast, and it also seems to have dropped by now around 400MB by me not looking at it
@OP by the way just wondering what updated and broke the game you had? the game or the mod?
Originally posted by Ungstein:
At the moment I have only two steamwebhelper.exe processes running, both under 150MB RAM usage. I will leave Steam running overnight to see if it happens again.
So it does not commonly happen all the time? is there some amount of time on when the issue starts showing or something? like after few days or after a few hours, or after running a game or something?
15 hours ago
In topic hacking?
Originally posted by Misagi:
Same thing happened to me (5 minutes ago).

Someone I have not talked to for ~2 years just contacted me, asking me to vote for "Team ShonK" with a link I have not clicked on.

1. Dont click on phishy links

2. 2FA is here for a reason, make sure to activate it.
The link dose not have to look phishy, most cases it dose not just like for a fish a warm hides the hook that hides under it
It's better in this case at least to suggest to never login from links, but always open your own tab/window to login never from a link or anything a page opens for you
15 hours ago
In topic Vive Pro Wireless Error 301
Originally posted by Каркуша:
If you trying to get the badge search the forums don't post in them
Originally posted by m4dEngi:
In other words, you're just playing a backseat mod. And i think i already listed all the suggestions you guys repeat as a mantra: clean cache, reinstall, repeat.

But memory leak won't go anywhere until it is fixed by VALVe devs.
What? how is anything I said there back seat modding? I am not trying to moderate anything

Anyway yes they may need to fix it, as long as its an issue from Steam and not maybe some software or something clashing with it, that may allow the user to fix it themself

Even if Valve is to try and fix it, trying to find what is shared between everyone that has it, and there for a reason for the issue can help to fix it

The clean cache is related when you have view issues with the browser of Steam, here at least to me it does not seem relevant, why I also did not say it on the start
Reinstall is if the software has an issue, I at least recommend refreshing not reinstalling the client, and it does solve issues from time to time if something got corrupted, but I did not suggest that as I do think I saw a few users with this issue before, and therefore I do not think it's likely to just be something corrupted (even that it may be)

Clear the cash is common as of late for some that have an issue viewing stuff, it's not perfect but it does help a lot when its raised, it's easy to think everyone here just does "copy-paste" of answers but there is a bunch of guys on here that will try to dig and find the issue to solve it

"clean cache, reinstall, repeat." is for issues with the viewing of the client for the most part, and so far for most cases, it did solve the issue when it was not a general issue that got solved in a later beta update from possibly a reporting of the issue on the client beta

Anyhow this is not really on the topic, but honestly mate for a lot of the users that are on the forums trying to help users around, I find that really disrespectful to them and the time they're giving to try and help when someone has an issue, I personally don't think its disrespectful to me as I know I am not on the help area as some are, but seeing some of them I really find that bad, that is why I am making such a big reply back on this

But honestly, if you ever heard of the "did you try to turn it off and on again" or "did you try to unplug it and plug it back in" its not perfect stuff, but a lot of the time it does solve issues

Anyhow that is all on me on that, lets get back to trying to see if we can find the issue or what is creating it

Originally posted by Ungstein:
The problem is precisely that there doesn't seem to be a cache, Chromium is just dumping anything and everything into RAM, just as it always has. I think this is more of a CEF issue than a Steam one, however I would like to know if there's any way to prevent this process from taking up so much memory!
Whatever the case for the Steam client 5GB sounds way to much for what it needs to render on the library or at least most of its pages, I at least don't have it, and don't see many topics on the matter that I assume, something may be messing up Steam to make it do that, or Steam is trying to use something failing and dumping as of that

Just a random idea did you try to run as admin and see if maybe some how that helps? (after you maybe try the GPU acceleration disabled)
16 hours ago
In topic Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II
More info may help users to help you

Also you may want to post in the Hub of the game

For such a general topic il say try right click the game → proptises → local files → Verfiy integrity and see if that helps
16 hours ago
In topic hacking?
I recommend you remove the address, it's not likely to help anyone (at least you put it in () so will break when someone try to enter it XD)

Its good you noticed it, let your friend know to follow wuddih steps
And for later never login on Links no matter who give you the like, always open your own window for Steam and login from there
The page should just ask you to approve not download and not to sign in, if it does something is wrong
Originally posted by m4dEngi:
Next they'll ask you to clean cache, reinstall drivers, reinstall steam, reinstall windows. When all those things fail you'll be redirected to client beta forums and forgotten.
Not forgotten, I at least do try to keep a mental memory of all issues and stuff that I see popping around in case it starts to grow (used to keep tabs but it got a little out of hand, for now, I am sticking to around 250 tabs)

In any case, its all the steps to try and find an issue as it only shows on some devices and not all then most likely something locally is clashing, who needs to fix that can be any side, but if its not happening to everyone then....
My Steam seem to be around 500MB with the library open, and I got a pretty big library so I think I can say it does not seem to just be for everyone

also better not to reinstall but refresh Steam, takes less time and you lose less data while doing it

Also don't think the cache is related in this case
Win7 may be the issue as Valve kind of said there going to stop supporting it a while back so its very possible they're not testing issues on the Windows 7 devices

Besides all that going by steps is how you go by doing issues and reporting on the beta is when no one has an idea what it can be, so clear all options on the user side, and trying to push it to Valve guys that are working on the client to be more likely to see it, besides that sadly not much that can be done
Originally posted by SeanNorm:
@Brockenstein So what if common outcomes are dummies having problems? If they've gone in to turn off the default setting of auto-update then their problems are 100% on them.
It's easy to say, but it ignores what happens
Like if we got on the security part, simply as their Valve try to make it optional with "its there problem" Valve give security and set that you can turn it off if you agree to a huge banner telling you that from then on your at your own risk

That did not stop users that did it to compline
That did not stop them from clogging support or posting the forums
It made scam bots profitable that meant all users where spam by them, also users that did not fall for it (here as a reference but not related to this case as much)

You can say it's their issue, but they're not likely to accept it or take it.

On this how ever I think it may be nice if Valve dose allow also mods to have branches so you can maybe stick to a non-updated branch, it will also let them set a beta branch for mods that may be useful, as well as lets games that don't force updates (using beta branches) to have mods for more then a single version (or broken into a few mods)
16 hours ago
In topic why are Prologues in free to play
Originally posted by ЯeÐ ĄnimaŁ ШaЯ:
No this is EXACTLY it and NOT nonsense. Valve will NOT change it. Valve gets 30% of every game sale, Valve invented a money printing machine and they will keep doing things to sell you games.

- This.

- A pathetic "rating system" where only people who own the game on steam are allowed to rate, that does not hava star or percantage system. Specifically setup so it will show basically ALL games in a positive light, execept if the game are REALLY REALLY bad. I seen millions of reviews of people who rated mediocre games with "Recommend to buy". Not sure what psychological desease this is that people do this but Valve figured it out. I do not suffer from it. People who would rate games with like 5/10 or even 4/10 STILL write extensive reviews, list all flaws of games and STILL recommend them. Do not EVER use the steam review system for anything other then speicfically looking up negative reviews. Use metacritic USERscores instead, they are a way better representation of how good games are.

- Market dominace, that allows them to take 30% of every game for a "service" of providing a simple forum and servers for distribution.

- Discovery Queue and so many other ♥♥♥♥ to sell you stuff.

Sorry to break it to you, they are not on your side, you are just a consumer for them. They may build some nice things for your but ultimately they are on the side of the people who sell games.
First of all, I understand that reviews may be an important topic for you, but that seems a little like hijacking the tread :D: I really recommend to make your own topic on the matter over giving all this on a tread that is not about reviews

Just to be clear not saying you trying to hijack it, but seeing past tread stuff like this can create that, if you want to rant or compline about the review system I recommend a topic for that not a prolog topic
Originally posted by HiFive:
This bot is spamming me in-game. The popup notifying us of our "award" looks like a Steam popup. Luckily, when I finally figured out how to "claim my prize", I got a notice telling me the page was marked as unsafe. I've gotten at least 12 notices over the past 5 days. Like others have said, this needs to be fixed.
What do you mean it looks like a Steam popup? group announcement? or something else?
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