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Oct 19 @ 9:20am
In topic Option to change your steam username
Originally posted by Meatwad:
When will we run out of account names? I remember hearing that if you delete an account you can’t reuse it’s name which doesn’t really make sense if it’s true.
They do this most likely to avoid possible clashes with the DB, let say someone deletes an account, and someone makes an account with the same name right after, it may have a case of the DB other part linking the same user name as the primary key of both of them creating all kind of issues (let's say handing there VAC ban on the new account, or giving them games there not support to own and so on)

It will likely take a really long time before we run out of names like name1993293943949394342 and so on
Originally posted by ApprovalMonkey:
Hello, im so sorry for wasting your time, as right after posting this comment all of my games started to work again, dont know why, dont know how...

once again, sorry for wasting your time.
Its not a waste of time as you had no way to know it will return
And not knowing the problem is still a problem

Anyway glad its back and hope it dont happen again :D:
Oct 19 @ 4:15am
In topic my comments deleted after some time
Originally posted by colinNOLA:
A quick look at your posts suggests that it was migrated into another topic (about the same thing), assuming you're talking about Dirt Rally 2.0.

Is this your post:

If it is they merged it so they will be less clutter on the forums
No one needs 20 posts of "Server is down" a topic with 61 replies should do the trick, even more after it was solved already

There really is no reason to read too much into it

Originally posted by Tigerchips:
I think what i'm trying to say is that until i'm respected as a consumer, i won't be buying another game on Steam.
First, great you are using that you can to get what you want
However, if you cant get a big enough group with you it may just not touch them enough to affect them, in any meaningful way

I don't know the story you have, so don't know what its about, but you may want to also check on your request if it even has something to do with Steam, and if its viable at all
Ok, so I may repeat some things other have said, but I am going to try to make them a little more clear on why your fixes are not going to help

1. Someone that hijack an account is most likely not going to attach it to their own account, for the simple reason that will be foolish to do, also it's a long way to go just to get some games
In place what they can do, and most likely will do is offer it "I have an old account I don't want any more has 400 games bid an offer only 24 hours"
Someone buy it they give them the account, the user feels he got a good deal and then get a ban hammer or gets the account he paid for is gone
The scammer/hijacker don't care they got their cash all ready, maybe even a good review on the site they sold it on

2. This opens a great reselling on account all around, and it is hard to track who is and who is not doing it, something that Valve will not want to help with most likely

3. If you like the thumb stone on your account, set the profile picture, or something and make a really long password forget it and let the account wave out in space till someday it will be removed

4. You can use a password manager to remember your passwords for you, so less to remember and you can keep the accounts around
Overall I see no real reason to just remove the account, just keep it, maybe you find some use for it someday, maybe you can give it to family or use it for family sharing
Deleting it over all seem some what wasteful honestly

I think that answers most of it... or did I miss something?
Oct 18 @ 7:36pm
In topic So Steam Skins
Personally, I help to keep the PixelVision² skin alive, it works just fine on the latest client (beta)
And we are looking into finding ways to also skin the new UI
There our others skins out there that are still updated and keep up to date, if you want one you may want to focus on once that still update
Oct 18 @ 7:27pm
In topic Give us back ingame chat!
@Velorace -
Read all of that
Sorry to say, mate, if you want to move a point across repeating the same thing over and over and over is not going to do that

Second, to be on Steam and in extension, you have to be at least 13 years old (TOS)

Third police will not go after people for this, they maybe should in some cases, but this is not an easy hunt, and it's not the reason for someone to kill themself, it may be the trigger, but it's not the reason, as much as some news love to put out like it is
The truth of the matter is there more, and there is much more to deal with before going on games and blaming there

Besides that, if you going to talk about being nicer and all, you should not single out someone and be toxic to them (including bypassing the filters for that action)

Anyway locking the chat does nothing vs toxic actions, to fix that there are many more things they can do to create a more positive community around the game, for one following some of the research Riot games did, to get their community better
They can put in a sort of voting system for non-toxic players and the like, maybe even follow a little like GTA and set lobbies for players like that (should follow on some reading to make sure it real report and not just salty players and the like)

Besides cutting out the community from the game, blocking the ability to communicate is a great way to make someone feel isolated and lonely, much less a way to help the player and let them feel part of something, and that there is something to live for

But guess will see
Originally posted by Mr. Gentlebot:
You can see them on your profile, put them on a showcase, see them on the page for the game in the library/store.

So I don't see how you "can't see them" when they're in several places.
I think his referring mostly to the Aura that I think only shows on the library page:
Its called Rich Presence at least in the API
Its something the developer needs to put in if they want it:

Many developers may pick to just not do it, overall I think its always open for them to use or not, so its something the developer has to mark if they got or not in their system
If Valve start marking each feather a developer uses or not we are going to have one hell of a big list of items :D:
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
Why do you keep telling people to ask developers when they should be taking matters into their own hands?
Because developers have a build-in way to do it, and is the easiest way to get it if the developer agrees
Depending on the type of game, games that have mods and stuff normally agree to it simply as they understand the reason for it
Originally posted by |KB| >KEKSQUAD:
No, I mean when editing a collection of addons. I see there's "Alphabetically" and "Author", but not by file-size.
I see, I recommend you add a workshop or something to the post to make that more clear :D:
Originally posted by Phreya™:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Stylus a browser extension? How does that apply to Steam client?
I think his pointing out you can use it while looking in activity in the browser to avoid having the comments areas showing using that extension
Oct 18 @ 5:01am
In topic win 11 bump action
Overall Microsoft and windows are known for their back capability that normally works really well
So hopefully most apps will keep working with no issue
And hopefully the same for this one
Originally posted by bad_advice_guy:
Yes that is true. In fact there is software in linux named "replay sorcery" that does this. However, I want an in-client feature or built-in feature so it'll all just work. I even mentioned on top that I don't want to build it myself, since that's what I'll have to do with replay sorcery.
I personally think that overall if Valve does it, it most likely not be the best simply on the matter they got a lot of things to work on all the time
They got already the screen recording part down as they do have an option to live stream, so it's mostly a matter of saving the data
But honestly, I think if you going to do something you likely going to have the best experience using software made by someone that just makes software for that, as they got more resources to spend just working out that software
Even that I do agree it will be nice to have it just build in Steam, I do think an outside system may be much better even more if you going to constantly make sure of it

Not saying the idea is bad in any shape or form, just that for now you better and can just use an external software, and that most likely that will give some what better result even if less convenient/build in
Do you mean in the Libary to sort on size of the game on disk?

If so its all ready there in the shelf you can pick to sort by size on disk
Oct 18 @ 3:43am
In topic Give us back ingame chat!
Guys please stop with the persona attacks and get back to topic

Originally posted by 45:
except its still in custom which is a large chunk of the playerbase.
o, so the chat is only gone from the set modes, not the custom once? (in the post game, no the lobby)
Oct 18 @ 3:40am
In topic Option to change your steam username
Originally posted by manjiro:
I thought too that username would be private but when i downloaded destiny 2 it used my username (which is my real name). Had i known they would be sharing for everyone that i play with to see i would definitely not have used that. Destiny 2 doesnt support me changing it with them either.
So there you do indeed have better grounds to ask to change
The main thing many point out is here only the user them self can see it, so it should not be all that bother for the user over all
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
Are the game folders located directly in those directories, or do they have various Steam files surrounding them and putting them in sub-directories?
And has the Steam data files to know what is there and what is the current tracking of the games there if that is what you mean
Oct 17 @ 5:12pm
In topic Gifts without sender.
Originally posted by Kai:
And? You cannot give games to people as it is without being on their friend list.
That is where the anon part comes into play right? :D:
Besides lots of people just accept any friend request...
Oct 17 @ 5:11pm
In topic Give us back ingame chat!
I honestly think its more likely to be them trying to standardized it PC and Console as in console they simply had no chat till now, with this they don't need it
Oct 17 @ 5:09pm
In topic Option to change your steam username
Originally posted by Kai:
None of these matter though. A silly name that no one will ever see, Steam Guard protects accounts and again, that info is 100% private and no one can see it or even find out what it is without you literally giving it away, and it doesn't matter what devs/publishers can do.

None of these are good or valid reasons for Valve to put millions of dollars into rebuilding the entire database so you can change your login name, which again, only you know about.
I am honestly personally fine with my name :D:

But besides that the reason after all of them I think is pretty valid, that is simply best to unlock it as it may still create more issues down the road, in the end its best the DB is tied to something for the DB not a used data that can create issues later
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