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Originally posted by Rašeto CS:GO:
Guys dont be like that. You all need to say: "Would be great to be PayPal as payment option on Steam for a Serbians." all what I need from you is support it.
Seeing that Valve support PayPal outher places and will most likely support as much as they can
Its more likely the issue is in the Serbians PayPal office
So it may be up to them
From what I know PayPal has offices per areas, Valve I think have 1 or 2 places world wide, so there less likely to make deffrent policys per a contry unlike PayPal
Will it be great? Sure ya
But for it to happen the right places need to be connected
Originally posted by RedLightning:
Sure they dont ... after all these years... lol. years.

I do not see a new client yet.

After the 'switchover' to the chat.. I'm not having high hopes..

So CLEARLY... years of not caring.
If you ignore everything else, ya I guess you be right?
But that is a narrow view to fit a nartive no?

About the new clinet its Valve, I am sure you as knowing how long around you been know that they are not the fastest bunch, and Valve time is what it is
They do seem to take pogress on it, and it seem to be soon, we passed the last XP support date (as new clinet dose not support XP), and Developers are asked to give in new assets for the new clinet
So it around the cornor (In Valve time obvisly so the next 2-5 years (I do hope this will be a joke :D:))
Aug 11 @ 10:50pm
In topic Add a zoom in/out feature to steam client
Originally posted by RedLightning:
Threads like this PROVE steam just don't care about nothing that dont lose em money.
Ya, clearly that is the only possible option here
You know not that possible in the new clinet that comes out at some point it may be build in and there for they just have no much of a reason to mess with it on the clinet that is out of date
But ya.. no clearly only reason is that they don't care :D:
Aug 11 @ 3:57am
In topic Ricochet 2 ?
Or Half Lif.... any how I think they make one when they think they got something to add to it that will make it worth making (Maybe for VR will be good, I think at least but with games like Echo and the like they need to really make something new on it)
Originally posted by Gnafu:
Hope it will be fixed, as I see it as a major flaw in the current state... Such spamming should be trivial for Valve to detect and get rid of.

Makes me wonder how it hasn't been exploited earlier...:steamsalty:
Maybe it was
Then someone not as smart got it and started spamming like crazy so it was noticed faster
The odd thing for me at least most of the account seem to have not been active for a while (minimum 5 days from last login on profile)
So just wondering if they got access a while back, or do they buy a bunch of stolen account from somewhere
Originally posted by cSg|mc-Hotsauce:
You can ask a mod to blacklist the link. But report the ones posting it.

Doing that, but seem like a lot of bots, and as I assume there doing it on group that have open anoncments to anyone in the group they don't need much

Beside I assume when the link will be blocked they will just change it

But ya I really should just let mods know the link
I am getting a few announcements on a few groups with a link to the same site with the same text (Some CS:GO scam/spam site it seems)
The announcements seem to come from a few accounts, that I guess are bots or the like
The site linked to is ****zurik.** (filter so no one can get into it
first part is the known game for this stuff and the second is ml
Mods may want to block it, and group owners if you around you may want to stop allowing anyone in the group to post till maybe something is done on the matter

if this reported sorry did not see that yet
Jul 21 @ 1:54am
In topic Is their a Steam Lite client?
Originally posted by Payblax:
Thanks :)
No luck so far, anyhow the new UI should be coming around soon, maybe it will be so, or maybe they will give the option in it
That sounds pretty odd, honstly dont think heard about anyone having Wifi issues as of the Vive as of yet
Not idle, but maybe you can use the Vive USB to connect that one controller? as that will mean no going from wireless may work and as the USB is on the headset may be able to pull it along the hand for less interfernce
I assume someone can find how ever a better solution then this, has to be a way to get it
Maybe Valve them self can help fix up the channel of it or what ever it is
Jul 13 @ 12:32pm
In topic Logbook
I recommend you post on the Game hub for what ever game that is about
You can find the game hub in a few ways like:
From the store page top right where it says "Community Hub"
Or from libary if on detialed mode you can see under the links on the right of the game page Community Hub
Jul 9 @ 4:03am
In topic ?xml=1 removed?
Originally posted by Cathulhu:
Maybe it's recovering now, it still loads slowly, but it has improved compared to days ago where it never worked.
I can only guess, my guess right now is maybe the XML is related to an API call, so its not asked by any site for a while it may be removed, and when asked its returning or something

But that is only a guess
Jul 9 @ 3:56am
In topic ?xml=1 removed?
Your profile working now

Not sure if you did anything, I try to load you on a site that uses an API to see if maybe that will make it show up
So maybe it's that or maybe something else
Jul 9 @ 3:24am
In topic ?xml=1 removed?
Seem to work for me
Maybe just a tempry issue?
Jul 8 @ 11:48am
In topic Should i buy PS4?
If you think you will get value for the money go for it
I how ever suggest maybe trying to buy a second hand one, I am sure you can get a good state one for cheaper like that and save a little more
The device on all its versions have been out for a while now, so I think its not too unlikely for a new one to come out sooner then later
(also can save for a PC for later if you want)

I personally don't like a PS4 much, I got one (second hand) for some exclusive games, but that is really mostly the use I get form it, and that is not much, but got it pretty cheap with 4 controllers so not a bad deal when got friends over :D:

(wow frogot to send post and sent it wayyy to late XD)
Jul 3 @ 2:15pm
In topic Using the consept
Originally posted by carlospaul:
Do you even have to ask? It isn't like this idea is trademarked, can you even trademark a concept?
Originally posted by Ryuu:
Just send them an e-mail with alpha version of your project :)
Yeah, they can't and have no reason to prohibit that, also the game was free. Really why do you need to ask?
Over all need legal not really think I need to ask, but this is more about simple respect on my side, I don't feel right to really take a big insprasion from something without the once that did it first at least knowing ill do it
Jul 3 @ 12:27am
In topic Using the consept
Hey wanted to ask will it be ok to make my own game on the concept
Had a few ideas but this really show a better way to do it

So wanted to ask if be ok with you if I run with it?
Jul 2 @ 1:42am
In topic Help Me I Get No Points
Also everyday you get 100 points
Jul 1 @ 3:28pm
In topic steam youtuber
First of all, you may want to write it in your native langrage with a translating option, as this is not relaly clear
Second of all, if you talknig about VR chat you will want to post on VR chat hub not here
@<™[-=> Cookiez <=-]™> I am honstly completely lost on what your point is
Source 2 is not really out yet
Its like possible to get access to it maybe if you have some ties with Valve but over all as much as I know its not really "out" so there is no point to market it

When a prodact comes out you market it a short time before, you want pepole to remmber the prodact when its out or you just wasted money marketing then everyone frogot by the time it was out (Something that happen all ready few times, and I cant recall the game it happen to, it was market for a long time, but it was delayed by the time it got out no one even remmbered about it, it was good so later I think it got some follwoing but over all most of the marketing was taken down the drain)

Valve works on Valve time, they will likely market the Source 2 when its out or when its going to come out, but for now its likely unknown really when that is
And just to point out, they announced it a while back, you did not seem to know about it, so.... if it come out now, will you even remmber when the announced it? unlikely

You are asking Valve to do what there going to do any way, when its the right time

This post is kind of like saying "You should buy chips" to a man standing in a line for chips in a store, his not in end of the line yet, so he cant do it
So what is the point of this post any way?
If you trying to get the source 2 leave the marketing to Valve they have guys that its there job, and conntact them to see if you can have access

My guess seeing that they did not talk about it much, I assume its not ready, so will take time
Originally posted by <™-=> Cookiez <=-™>:
That's impetus to provide support.
Valve doesn't seem to want to support Source 1 any more
There likely waiting on Source 2 they may try to sale on it
But till its out, there is no reason to market Source 1 with how it is

If you want the source Engine I recommend you wait for Source 2
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