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i like dragons :cozyskyrimvr:

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cofe time for in talk english .
Good morning people. I'm open new page my youtube channel. I, no, that is my kitchen and my rose I sniff my rose, very good, taste. No no no this morning I boiling my coffee maker. No, I, yes fresh water, fresh water finnish water is good, water, water best water in the world. This is my refridgerator, yes, I need coffee and milk but not time is milk because milk is warm um I need uh I need paper coffee paper but what is that uh that uh real name? What is that paper real name I saying coffee paper coffee siphon paper. Do you like that name? Hahahaha, yes my life is new page I talk only EHEHEHEEENGLISH yes I need spoon and coffee no you watch when I boilingmy HAHAHAAH boiling my coffee MAR open open open that is very DIFFICULTY one hand SHUT UP SHUT UP YOU ATER SHUT UP WATER AHAHAHAHAH that is very funny. Oh my spoon, I take my coffee only EHNGLISH AHAHAA no. I need one and khalf spoon coffee haha coffee uh uh what is that name? no no no no that is difficult I say, I drop off my spoon and take my coffee coffee coffee need not warm coffee need cold because coffee inside is flesh, not flesh AHAHAH. I need dat I need dat I need dat, that is coffee that is very day day danger because coffee is warm ahah yes. Is that like terriblugh when I speak english you you you uhm uh uh you click off dat channel EHEHEHE yes I yes I yes four cups in water if you like my video you push dat button when finger is yes uh uh you push button when picture is same as finger uh uh what is that AHAHAA. But you push dat button when is take picture if you like my AH UHE videos. POWER ON FULL POWER my coffee machine is full power. When I visit english and I AHAHAH order car car cahstation and I order coffee I am saying KAHVE KAHVE and people are walking car station are not undertand me. But when i say cofe cofe not anything else no when i uh, that is my coffee cup coffee cup uh cup when I uh buh fpt bu uh uh when cofe is ready i drink first time it is turible UHG UHHG.
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bat hats are not for sale nobody can take my babies away from me

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