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I’m an elven islander soul. 👻 I’m an otherworldly witch. ✨ I'm a gay loverboy. ⚣ I'm a lustful slut. 🍑 💦🍌 All of which I love, am proud, and am happy to be. ❤
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Info Box! (bolded = pls read before going down)

PFP: Croptop Deku by KittBetelgeuse, cropped and modified by me with gay marriage symbol and some simple paintovers.

I like to be fully open about who I am, who I enjoy being, and what makes me happy. You don’t have to read it to friend me. This is just for anyone curious. I'm looking to socialize with people who share mutual interests. If you are really uncomfortable with who I am, that is fine. I won’t be in your face about it. Just let me be too. Though if you somehow want friendship I doubt it will last more than a week.

- Gender: Male
- Age: 23
- Spiritual Identity: Otherworldly Elven Islander Witch
- Sexual Orientation: Overwhelmingly Gay ⚣
- Masculine/Feminine Scale: Neutral; though I look more masculine and act little feminine
- Relationship Status: In a relationship
- Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral
- Personality: I’m overall a pretty chill dude but I can get irritated or depressed from things easily.
- My Discord: ⚣ Lustful Birdy ♥#2616

Favorite Games

- Team Fortress 2 (main classes: pyro, engineer, and medic; I mostly play MvM)
- Don't Starve (Together) (favorite characters: willow, wickerbottom, webber, and wormwood)

- Minecraft (modded)

- Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale (favorite class: sorcerer or dragon disciple)
- Final Fantasy series (10 and 12)

- Kingdom Hearts (all of them, but I like the 3rd one most)
- Rakuen
- Slime Rancher
- Camp Buddy (favorite datable characters: Hiro, Taiga, and Yoichi)
- Party Hard

- Paper's Please
- Town of Salem (favorite roles: investigator, jailor, consigliere, witch/coven leader, jester, executioner, guardian angel, and serial killer)
- Amorous


- My partner; he's the one person I feel happiest with in all of existence
- Gay intimacy
- Romantic/sexual affections in truly loving relationships
- Cuddling, snuggling, hugging
- Magical/witchy things (favorites: mind control, telekinesis, time stop, temporal rewind)

- Beaches and tropical islands
- Enchanted forests
- Sights: nature, beautiful scenery, colorful skies, auroras
- Elven race (a proud and mighty race… and I like pointy ears)
- Eerie and spooky things
- Favorite trees: cherry blossom and palm trees
- Anime (favorites: black butler, my hero academia, maria the virgin witch, assassination classroom, death note)
- Yaoi (I’m not much of a shipper, I just like the concept)
- Having my ears played with by 1) having the top/middle part of ear be pulled out firmly (it feels really good, actually) and 2) having air blown into the ear canal (it puts a smile on my face)

- Asian, islander, and tribal cultures
- Gentleness
- Yummy foodstuffs: seafood (tuna especially), watermelon, cheese (especially cheddar, don’t like swiss and American; also love it as mac and cheese and grilled cheese), vanilla ice cream, oatmeal raisin cookies, and pumpkin pies... nom

- Cats/kittens
- Childish things
- Warm weather/temperature accompanied with strong winds
- Smells: beach air, cinnamon, campfires, pumpkin spice, fruit loops, men’s colon (in small doses)
- Sounds: classical music, ocean waves, rustling leaves, strong winds, forest ambience
- Death and Murder (the act of banishing people quickly; I only partake in it in games, not IRL)
- Ghost Dog’s concept of enlightenment; “The Way of the Samurai is found in death.”

- Colors: black, blue, and purple
- Investigating or discovering things


- Toxic or closed-minded people
- Violence and abuse (IRL, verbal, assault, torture, etc)
- Religions (particularly christianity, judaism, and islam… I have my reasons why)
- Being separated from my lover
- Being ridiculed or being lectured to rudely (smartasses)
- Cockblocking
- Surgeries
- Female prostitutes (I can't stand looking at them...)

- Real-life destruction (wars, arsons, breaking things)
- False/ingenuine relationships
- Being or feeling trapped
- People who refuse to cooperate
- Obsession over discrimination and social justice (srsly, just get along with each other you dunces)

- Politics
- Being in cities
- Smells/sights: skunk/weed, cigarettes/cigars, alcohol, manure, urine, vomit
- Loud noises (fire alarm, emergency service vehicle sirens, welding, etc)
- Struggling to search for things (like answers and objects)
- Gloves and socks with holes in them

- Being grumpy/angry at things
- Drugs and alcohol in general
- Advertisements
- Mustaches, beards, body hair
- Icky foodstuffs: carrots, lettuce, raw tomato, swiss cheese, American cheese, wasabi
- Not knowing things
- Being barefoot
- Waking up in the mornings or having my sleep interrupted
- Plastic/synthetic surgery

- Makeup (except a mild amount of gothic makeup)
- Wearing formal clothing
- Attending parties

My Dirty Persona

I’m pretty open about my sexuality so I don’t mind sharing who I identify as. Just ask. Fair warning: I’m highly perverted. Please note, though, that I won’t do any ERPs; I won’t be cheating. But I LOVE to talk about it.

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NewNebula12 Jan 9 @ 10:27pm 
Hes nice and gay, so my kinda guy +rep
keeper_m Dec 8, 2016 @ 9:50am 
Dear Birdy, thank you very much for the response. Much appreciated. Regards and of course feel free to visit our servers!
keeper_m Dec 7, 2016 @ 9:05am 
Evening, Arlesienne of the Klei forums here. Do you by any chance know someone using this account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198282546399 please? I received a friend request from them, but no comment on my wall why they want to add me. And they're not responding to my question on their profile either. I recall you from the forums and thought that, seeing you're on their friendlist, you may have more sway in figuring out the reason behind the invitation. Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.
needleteeth Jun 7, 2016 @ 7:09am 
Hey dude, how are you? We've not really talked much but just wondering what you've been up to