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Posted: Nov 8, 2015 @ 2:13pm
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Feist is an indie adventure 2D side-scroller game. This game might remind you of Limbo, as it has very similar graphics and gameplay.
If this review is too long for you, I suggest you to only read the first paragraph about the game's content and the final verdict at the end.

What is happening in the game:
You are a cute small fluffy creature who can jump, run around, grab sticks, hit things with sticks and a lot of other fun things. You have to progress in game by solving puzzles, avoiding or beating enemies and finding a way to use the environment.

  • Environment and Graphics | If you know Limbo, a very popular dark platformer, you probably noticed that these two games look very familiar. And, after playing both, they also offer very similar gameplay. In other words, if you loved Limbo, you will love Feist! Both games have a wonderful setting of things in the front being shadows, but Feist has a much brighter background, which is much better in my opinion.
  • Different Enemies | Throughout the story, you will have to fight numerous enemies, each of which behaves differently. Some you want to avoid, some you have to trick into disabling themselves and some you can use against other enemies. This is a very nice addition to the gameplay, as it brings in the puzzle element.
  • Soundtrack | I have to give a really big thumbs-up to the soundtrack. If a game like this doesn't have a really good soundtrack, all other advantages go to waste. The mysterious noises that accompany the game are really enjoyable, especially if you're wearing headphones, which you really should.
  • Controlling the Character | I'm not sure why, but I like how responsive the character is to your input. Precision jumps aren't that common in Feist, but when they are, it feels fair and doable. I also heard that this game is really good when it comes to controller support (I'll test it out when my Steam Controller arrives!).
  • Performance | This game has pretty low system requirements and it runs very smoothly on the highest quality.
  • Steam and OS support | You can play Feist in any of three major operating systems. Steam delivers you Trading Cards, Achievements and Steam Cloud. Perfect!

  • Freshness | I know I gave this game a lot of praise, but it's to similar to Limbo to be worth buying for full price. But if you don't own Limbo yet and you feel like this is your kind of game, definitely consider buying this.
  • Soundtrack Version | On Steam Store page, you can only buy the soundtrack together with the game. In other words, if you enjoyed the game and now want to buy the soundtrack, you're screwed. The developer should really make soundtrack a DLC.

The final verdict:
I enjoyed this game a lot, although it kind of feels like replaying Limbo once again. Feist is very atmospheric, which is one of my favourite things in video games. The soundtrack is awesome, but there is sadly no option to buy it separately.
As I said above, if you own Limbo and you liked it, you would definitely enjoy Feist as well, although they might be a bit too similar to be worth buying full price. If you don't own Limbo and you like games like this, definitely buy Feist.


Note that my copy of this game was obtained for free for reviewing purposes. However, this did not affect the quality and objectivity of this review.

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