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Posted: Aug 13, 2015 @ 1:52pm

0RBITALIS is a very interesting that game that recently came out from Early Access. It is a one-of-a-kind space/gravity physics simulation which I found really enjoyable.
If this review is too long for you, I suggest you to only read the first paragraph about the game's content and the final verdict at the end.

What is happening in the game:
You have to launch a satellite in a way, that doesn't immediately result in a crash. Every level has a time limit specified and you must reach that time to progress into the next level. You have to deal with gravity fields, anti-gravity fields and bypassing asteroids. The point of the game is very simple to understand, but solving the actual levels can still be a hard challenge for your mind.

  • The whole idea is pretty good. You have to launch a satellite into space, considering all of the gravity areas. You might know this concept from Angry Birds Space, if you ever played that game. This satellite must stay in the assigned area for a specified amount of time to successfully complete the level. If you manage to stay in the area for any time longer, your time is recorded and put onto the Leaderboards.
  • This is where we get to the next good thing, integrated Steam Leaderboards. Your time is, as said before, recorded and compared to other players. Above all, you are also presented with a graph that indicates how good are you compared to other players. It looks very nice and really makes the player to try to beat his previous best.
  • You can get a lot of gameplay hours from this game as there are a hundred levels, divided into sectors, and almost 40 achievements.
  • You can also create your own levels with a pretty neat level editor. Those user-made levels can be later posted in the Workshop, where you can, of course, download other players' levels and have even more fun.
  • The graphics are simple, minimalistic and very clear. They set up some kind of a mysterious environment that is, combined with an amazing soundtrack, exceptionally enjoyable.
  • There are also Daily Levels for your daily dose of gaming.
  • I have to say that I really like the way they set the price tag on this game. 7,99€/$9.99/£6.99 is really not high and you should really consider supporting the developer for such a low price.

  • Despite low system requirements and minimalistic art style, this game surely needs a pretty strong computer. I had a few minor problems with lagging as the game seems to be pretty graphically intensive. I don't know what is up with that, but it needs some fixing.
  • I looked really hard but I couldn't find an options menu. A game needs that, seriously. People with weaker computers cannot adapt their settings and therefore it's really hard for them to play a game.
  • I don't like that you have to complete a level to unlock next one. If you get stuck on a level, you are pretty much done with the game until you figure it out. This is not the best thing if you're not in good relations with puzzle games.

The final verdict:
I really enjoyed the game, as the atmosphere it creates and the idea of the game itself are very well made and executed. You get plenty of levels, daily levels, Workshop integration so 0RBITALIS should get you busy for quite a few hours. Despite a few problems with the game's performance, the gameplay is enjoyable and keeps the player going on or beating his previous records.
I certainly recommend this game if you are a fan of puzzle games. This is a very unique experience and you should try it as well, as the price is really not high.


Note that my copy of this game was obtained for free for reviewing purposes. However, this did not affect the quality and objectivity of this review.

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Wilk Jan 2, 2016 @ 4:37am 
The only negative review I've done was for a game which I was too frustrated to have my voice not heard about @below
But yeah, we have choice to choose what to review.
BirdCute Jan 2, 2016 @ 12:46am 
Oh, right, people sometimes say "Then why are all of your reviews positive, HA??"
Well, that's because I only review good games :D
BirdCute Jan 2, 2016 @ 12:45am 
I see your point. But I get most of my library for free and this game is no different, so I'm kind of used to it :P Because of that, I really think that it doesn't affect my reviewing. I will consider changing it though.
shortspecialbus Jan 1, 2016 @ 7:21pm 
I might suggest saying that you "attempted" to not have it affect the quality and objectivity of the review. I'm not suggesting that your review wasn't objective or anything. It seems pretty fair in fact. But it's not really possible to say for sure that it didn't because you can't really know that. Saying that you made every effort makes more sense to me. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the review!
[OCG] Zenithas (Moderator) Aug 13, 2015 @ 10:12pm 
Might pick up a copy myself.
Wilk Aug 13, 2015 @ 1:52pm 
kk kool review 11/10 IGN