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Posted: Aug 7, 2015 @ 1:53pm
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Rocket League is a well-made mix between racing and soccer genre. If you are subscribed to any of gaming Youtube channels or websites, you are probably already familiar with the game and you know that there is quite a lot of hype about it. And that hype is not unjustified.
If this review is too long for you, I suggest you to only read the first paragraph about the game's content and the final verdict at the end.

What is happening in the game:
You are in control of a car and your mission is to score enough goals to win the match with other players. You can play multiplayer (with actual people) or singleplayer (with bots). Also, there is a freeplay mode for you to sharpen your skills.

  • The way this game looks is astonishing. Grass, cars, turbo effects, the ball, the arena ... they really look good. I mean, look at the Store page screenshots!
  • Multiple game modes for both online and offline playing (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4). Ranked cannot be 4v4, however. If you play on "Unfair" difficulty against bots, you can also play 1v2, 1v3 and 1v4.
  • There is a tutorial in this game and unlike some other games, you can actually learn stuff from this one. For basic playing, there is a short tutorial just explaining how to move and jump, but if you have time and will to take your playing technique to the next level, this is taken care of by more advanced tutorials. This is probably one of rare games where you actually want to play tutorial multiple times.
  • Car handling is near-perfect, it really goes where you want it to go. Also, you can drive one the walls, fly and even drive upside down on the arena ceiling for a short time.
  • A very special thing in this game is so-called "Ball View", where camera is always pointing towards the camera. You can turn it on and off at appropriate times to maximize your efficiency while trying to hit the ball into opponents' net.
  • Car customization content is absurd. You get hundreds of wheels, antennas, hats, car types ... you are guaranteed to find a combination that suits you.
  • Next thing about car customization is how you unlock parts. This is the best way I've seen it handled: you get something for every single match you play. Yes, you've heard right. No matter what you play, with bots with real people, 1v1, you always get something.
  • After playing every match, you also get a chance to save a replay of the game you have just played. These saved games can be then watched from perspectives of all players, there is also a free camera mode.
  • Matchmaking seems to be working well, I've never been in a match that would be completely unfair or unbalanced.
  • The soundtrack is amazing, it consists of 11 songs that are also available on Amazon[www.amazon.com] and iTunes[itunes.apple.com].
  • You get XP even for playing with bots, but you get only 50% of you would get with playing online. Still, it's a great way to encourage people to play more. You also get some XP for losing.
  • This thing runs great even on old computers and you don't even have to have all the setting set to low!
  • The community is really active, there are almost five thousand threads created on Steam Discussions, there are tons of Youtube videos and streamers playing it.

  • Only occasional lags when playing online. Also, sometimes servers are dead for a minute, but that only happened twice to me. Not a problem at all.
  • There is PS4 support, but no Linux and MacOS? Come on!

The final verdict:
With practically no bad sides and tons of good stuff in this game, I certainly recommend it to everyone, not just fans of soccer or racing. I'm not a big fan of either of them, but I enjoy this game a great deal. You can customize your car in more than 10 billion combinations, the game really encourages you to play and the feeling when you play is amazing.
This is certainly one of the best games released this year. There are so many people playing all the time, there are streams, Youtube videos, tons of discussions, simply amazing. You can't be sure how long is this going to last for, so try grabbing it as soon as it gets any discount or even now, as it is certainly worth the full 20$ price tag.


Note that my copy of this game was obtained for free for reviewing purposes. However, this did not affect the quality and objectivity of this review.

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Lone_Wolf Aug 28, 2015 @ 1:18pm 
Great review!
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I probably even forgot a few pros, there were so many of them :P
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That massive list of Pros vs Cons, haha!
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hmm review is good keep up the work birdy :P