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I love this game absolutely and FOR FREE! Who could turn that down? This game definitely made my list of favorite games of all time and I'll tell you why:

Game rating: 9.5/10
- Amazing story!
- Graphics aren't totally "realistic" but they're beautiful
- Game gets right into the action and man some of those jump scares got me good and I don't scare easily
- Very supportive development team for sure and they defiantly worked hard on this game
- Great voice acting
- Great soundtrack straight up beautiful and really changes your feelings inside! Written by Andreas Ronnberg a member of the team he has even written and released his own album plus three albums with an amazing black metal band named 'Intig'
- You really do get attached to the characters and you start to feel the pain that Simon goes through
- The game isn't over after the end!!! There's 5 achievable endings PLUS a second addon campaign PLUS alternate type stories to the game through CO-OP missions

This game is too amazing, I was obsessed with it for months and still love to re-play it for the enjoyment in fun
HOWEVER! It really does ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with your brain and makes you see life differently for a while
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I guess you could say I have a Can Opener *slow laugh*
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