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Shady Developer. Gives away the game and then takes it back. Seems like they don't want more customers down the road. :P
Posted September 14, 2016. Last edited September 14, 2016.
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Review Written on Sunday, June 12th, 2016


This game is an open-world sandbox game, similar to Terreria, Starbound, and the like. You can get randomly generated small, medium or large worlds in single-player or multiplayer modes. Lots of effort went into the crafting and gathering portion of the game, as well as the world itself and all the monsters you can encounter. Sometimes I die too easily, but usually that's my own fault, I need to be more careful.

I enjoy how much there is to do in this game, you can discover so many different monsters, items to gather, ways to die, and so on that you can play in one world for a good while. The music is pleasant and the sound effects aren't bad, kind of sparse though. The graphics aren't bad, and I like that even if you have a higher resolution monitor you can use zoom to make things easier to see, otherwise the world is way too small at the higher resolutions.

I consider this game a well polished and interesting hybrid rpg/sandbox/open-world game in the same vein as others that came before it. If you enjoy these kind of games, it is worth the asking price for it. Also the developers are active after this game left early access, so they definitely care about polishing the game even further. Overall this game is well worth money and I highly recommend it. :)




  1. Great open-world sandbox gameplay, with lots to do and see.
  2. RPG style system where you level up and can learn different things to craft and gather inside the game world.
  3. Talent system to allow to level up all kinds of different skills and abilities you can use.
  4. A massive amount of content already in the game.
  5. I like the zoom feature with higher resolution graphic settings it allows your character and the world you are in to be bigger and easier to see.

  1. UI needs a little more polish, it seems that items arent well organized and quantity of items for crafting is not very obvious.
  2. On multiplayer, when I do an attack or receive an attack, it seems to lag for some reason, so the projectiles or melee attack stutter somewhat. I think this just may be related to a lagging server.
  3. Best to play this game on a keyboard and mouse. So far the controller is hard to use in comparison.
  4. Game gets a little repetitve after awhile, but it keeps it interesting with some variety.
  5. The craft system could use some more intuitive UI adjustments and polish, overall it's pretty decent though.


Source of consideration: Siege Games
Posted June 14, 2016. Last edited June 14, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Review Written on Monday, May 30th, 2016


Zombie Party is an enjoyable and carnage filled Rogue-lite Action Arcade and Action-RPG game, via the different 4 modes available. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into the mechanics, with the RPG and Dungeon modes. Both are unique and have lots of variety to keep the game interesting.

There are a lot of bosses and extensive challenges that makes this game have a ton of replayability. It progressively gets harder in the waves you encounter in the RPG mode. The Dungeon mode is neat in that it gives you more of a dungeon crawl, so it's a little slower than the standard action or rpg modes.

Overall you can really get a lot out of this game with the amount on content already included. With the total carnage and an unending wave of enemies to destroy, you really get a lot of content and neverending arcade action. The game definitely has a lot going for it and I hope that it gets fine-tuned some more down the road. My only gripes is that a lot of the color from the background and foreground seem to get melded together as the action gets crazy, causing you to lose vision of the prospective horde of zombies and particles to avoid. Also the multiplayer still needs more work.

If you love insane action games with some rogue-lite and rpg-lite style gameplay, then this game is for you!




  1. A crazy amount of guns at your disposable, with tons of upgrades to make a huge variety of options.
  2. Lots of options means lots of replayability, Also tons of great fun to be had with others in multiplayer.
  3. Good old arcade value gameplay, with lots of updates to give the game even more content in the future.
  4. The developers are constantly working on the game, so it gets lots of updates.
  5. Gamepad works great so far, with very tight controls. It also already has leaderboards,

  1. Some of the colors and weapon effects seem to get blended together with the amount of monsters with their own attacks and effects, causing a lack of distinct targets that can be seen.
  2. The menu options need some refinement, they are a little hard to read. The text blends too much with the background.
  3. Multiplayer mode still needs work, it can lag for some reason.
  4. Needs to get a story for RPG mode to make things interesting, maybe some humorous style or combination. :)
  5. Early access, so it has some bugs, but that is how things are in that stage of development. It is still pretty well done so far, even if its not complete yet.


Source of consideration: Peach Pie Productions
Posted May 29, 2016. Last edited May 30, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Review Written on Sunday, May 15th, 2016


This game is currently Alpha but it feels almost like a pre-alpha. The terraforming is an awesome concept and I have played with it a lot. Also the crafting system works pretty well so far.

The graphics engine and artwork is decent and well done in my opinion, so I hope they build on that and do some more work on the different character models and animation.

I tried the multiplayer and it didnt work very well for some reason, I imagine the developer is still working out the kinks for it.There are a lot of bugs and issues I have seen so far when trying to do things within the game. I noticed sometimes my controls get stuck and I have to restart the game to get it to work again. Overall for a sandbox game, it seems to be more of a concept with not much content other than the terraforming and crafting. Still needs a lot of work in my opinion and I would be happy to revisit this review later after the game gets more updates.




  1. The graphics and the world environment are well done.
  2. The terraforming is a neat mechanic.
  3. I like that it has some fantasy RPG elements.
  4. It is constantly being updated and the developers seem to care about feedback.
  5. The game doesnt have any issues running on my PC with a Geforce GTX 770.

  1. It's an Alpha, so it has lots of bugs.
  2. Sometimes my controls get stuck for some reason, not sure if its a bug or if I am doing something wrong.
  3. The user interface and controls are not really well implemented currently.
  4. Its hard to get started, since there isn't much explanation of how things work exactly.
  5. Not much content yet, but this is an Alpha.


Source of consideration: Tethys Interactive LLC
Posted May 15, 2016. Last edited May 19, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Review Written on Thursday, March 24th, 2016


For an early access game, this has a lot of potential. I like the idea and implementation of how you can use 9 different elements as building blocks to make things. There is a lot of variety with creating things in that regard. Although there isn't much of a working tutorial, just small instructions on how to start building things. Plus the AI of the enemies isn't that great yet, but since it's still early access, I imagine that will be worked on some more.

This game is similar in style to games like Minecraft and the like, which is fun if you like building stuff. So far there isn't a whole lot to do, and the AI seems to be lacking as well. But, I do like that it already has Steam Workshop enabled and it is working well in the game. You can create unique things with the 9 elements you have at your disposal. Another neat feature is being able to play in multiplayer with other people and combine your work on creating stuff with the elements and so on.

I may revisit this review after this game gets a lot more polish, but for now, its pretty barebones and still needs more variety of enemies, better AI, a better tutorial, some guides in-game would be nice, some more implementation of workshop options.




  1. The 9 elements used to build things
  2. The graphics seem well done for what there is so far
  3. Interesting base of mechanics for what is to come
  4. You can create things out of what you build
  5. Has workshop capability already

  1. Combat seems to be lacking
  2. No tutorial, just basic instructions on how to build stuff to get you started
  3. Not a lot of music variety
  4. AI needs a lot more work
  5. Some major clipping issues in the game models


Source of consideration: Osaris Games
Posted March 24, 2016. Last edited April 2, 2016.
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This is an amazing game, plain and simple. I got this game back when it was in Alpha in the first ever Groupees Build a Greenlight bundle. I have been following the game for the 3 years it took to get it to the final release that it is today. This is easily worth more than the $15 asking price.

If anyone enjoyed isometric style rpgs with tactical turned based strategy combat, similar to the original Fallout games, then you will be right at home with this game. The writing is very well done and the developer keeps working on bug-fixes even after the game has been released. The graphics are pretty decent for this style of game and you can change font sizes for anything you see on your screen. This game has lots of mechanics that work well together and it's built to be challenging and fun.

I give this game two big thumbs up! If I had more thumbs, it would get more. :)
Posted January 2, 2016.
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Early Access Review
For an early access multi-player only game, I think this game has huge potential.

There is a learning curve to understanding every concept that it throws at you. You can either play in this huge bot that can ask the bunnies running around to OBEY and trust you, so you won't shoot them. But they can also lie to you and trick you into thinking they will help you and take over the robot.

The whole goal is to get to 10,000 points, depending on how you pay out using the robot or by getting paid as a bunny on the battlefield; it can get really tricky. Using a microphone is part of getting the most out of this game, since you can talk to everyone on the server and potentionally give them tasks or they can tell you something, and bamn, they either will subvert you or go with what you ask. But only one player can win, and that is whoever achieves 10,000 points.

I recommend this game with a small con against it, it's tutorial is simple and may need more polishing and a little more handholding to give you a better understanding of the game before you start playing on a live server. It tries to break down what each mechanic does, but it's not in depth. This is a social game and you can play with bots, but the most fun is when playing with real players.

The game also has it's charm, since you can either play a bunny or a huge bot that kills the bunnies or helps them. Overall I think with some more polish on the tutorial and a bigger player-base this game has all the qualifications of a fun multi-player only game.

Also Dez (the developer) really wants to help the community either learn his game and/or get feedback to better his game and get the most out of his project. I will definitely be coming back to this game as more patches and more content gets in place. I would love to try a new tutorial when Dez has time to work on it.
Posted November 24, 2015. Last edited November 24, 2015.
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I am enjoying this game immensely. It has so much style and different gameplay mechanics between the 11 characters you can play. So far I tried Arcade and Story modes and both are non-stop action for survival. You get a few lives and then have to start all over again in Arcade mode once you expend all your lives.

The music is decent as well as is the pixel graphics. Lots of interesting pick-ups and you can even buy from a store that gives you some power-ups. You also get power-ups after you beat a stage, which helps as you progress, since it does get harder.

Overall I think this game is really good, I just hope they continue to add more content and characters to make this an even better game in the future. Also I personally thought that Duke with his Mini-Gun is amazing at gunning down the many enemies you have to face.

I may update my review again after I try some of the online portion of the game when I find some more people to play with.

Good job devs, keep up the good work!
Posted November 14, 2015.
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Early Access Review
This game is pretty decent if you are into the VN and Harvest Moon style games. In the beginning of the game you get acclamated to the stores, your farm, and other folks you can talk to in town. They also provide a decent tutoriol to get you started as well. The graphics are done well and the music isn't bad either.

There are some bugs, but the ones I encountered were minor, like certain NPCs getting stuck in a door and such. Overall for an early access game the developers seem to have some good polish in the game already. I am hopeful that they will continue to squash the bugs and make the game even greater.
Posted November 3, 2015. Last edited November 3, 2015.
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This is an excellent game that reminds me of so many of the awesome Sonic The Hedgehog games and other great platformers of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis era. I got to Stage 3 and decided this game deserves a honest review from me.

First off, the controls are really tight and well balanced to the character's abilities. At the end of each stage you get a boss fight that is fun but not overwhelmingly hard. I also get to collect items that give extra lives and so on. You even have a similar ability like Sonic but it works a little different.

Overall this is the most addicting platformer I have played in a long time and I will be happy to give it my two thumbs up. Buy this game and play it with a smile, it's that good! :)
Posted March 23, 2015. Last edited April 17, 2015.
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