i wanna cut to the memeing
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:squash: Rest In Peace He Was The Best My Respect :squash: [pastebin.com]
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Drudgery is a 5cp map, created for both matchmaking and public play.

It takes place in a power station in the midst of a jungle clearing, on a decidedly overcast day. The area is surrounded by trees, and a set of waterfalls, leading together to an aqui
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Hugo Aug 16 @ 10:29am 
yummy bugger
dashij ♥ Aug 15 @ 5:38am 
ur not even gay..
dashij ♥ Aug 13 @ 3:42am 
its ok I might have a gf ur still in game
are you the owner of TF Logo Antlers on marketplace?
seeds Jul 20 @ 8:46pm 
04:44 - Mould (good): Thankfully it's only my 2nd stomach that has acid in it
04:44 - seeds: wTf
04:45 - Mould (good): This one is for fertilisation
Spectat0r Jul 13 @ 2:47am 
rec post