Yeager The Hunter
Ryan Yeager   Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States
Welcome to my profile where some of you find out im a furry that ive known for about a few months or even a year for a select 2 of you....:cgpout:
I enjoy Fnaf and not in ways some people do since its a game that animatronics try to murder you. My name is Ryan Yeager irl and i have a group of friends to call my friends since we all have flaws of culture and personality but that makes us friends. A few of you question my kindness in the real world compared to the internet. You would be right im very very kind in the real world even to people who harass me, but on the internet i can be a fun person that is more social and easy going since i feel more secure here on the internet with my friends Csolis, Deeno, Sassy, Novus, Vybre, i thank these guys the most for understanding me and a few call outs to irl friends Chris, Kyle, Vinny, Jrod, Nick,Tenika and other friends :D thanks for being there friends!:tgrin:

My Past experince BBRP as a Staff Manager, Also I've been staff on Inferno Gaming RP as Admin-paidfor but never got demoted or struck, Been Admin on Inferno Gaming Roleplay,I've joined back Inferno gaming RP and I have work to be at usually on weekends randomly for 4-6 hours a days
Bets with bb/cs
Bby always beats me in bets...

Currently Online
I am a furry and im proud!
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Lick meanings:
*Lick on the Tail* Will you be my Mate?
*Lick on the Ear* I think you are cute!
*Lick on the Stomach/Belly* I'm ready.
*Lick on the Forehead* For comfort.
*Lick on the Paw* Are you ok?
*Lick below the Chin* I like you.
*Lick on the Nose* I love you.
*Lick on the Neck* Let's have some fun =^.^=
*Lick on the Shoulder* I want you.
*Lick on the Lips* I need you.
*Lick on the Cheek* I'll be back for more ;3
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[DDYN] Austin Apr 9 @ 7:58pm 
God damn thats alot A TIME WTF you like steam like god damn A Time so many hrs wtf so many YEARS
Yeager The Hunter Apr 9 @ 7:18pm 
a time
[DDYN] Austin Apr 9 @ 7:10pm 
How long have you had steam?
Snow the Weirdo Mar 13 @ 12:26am 
+rep great for anal roleplay :balloonicorn:
Csolis2 Feb 14 @ 2:00pm 
Happy Valentine’s Day
GamerPie Jan 1 @ 12:14am 
Alphabet Boy~