Betty the Bat
"The greatest gold in the world, is a persons attention.... But have you, brought me a penny?"

I want penny.

Will I get my penny ;c ? Betty want penny! Please...
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✪ Violet Apr 8 @ 1:57am 
христос воскресе.
Tails Doll Mar 26 @ 3:14pm 
Qualia Mar 22 @ 12:38am 
[9.34.44] Betty the Bat: Back
[9.34.46] Qualia: I videotaped you in the shower
[9.34.53] Betty the Bat: Perfect timing
[9.34.58] Betty the Bat: Just
[9.35.03] Betty the Bat: Perfect timing
[9.35.07] Betty the Bat: *clap*
[9.35.09] Qualia: I replied in 0.02 seconds wtf
[9.35.11] Betty the Bat: *clap*
[9.35.17] Betty the Bat: *clap*
[9.35.40] Qualia: >when they ask what makes you special
[9.36.19] Qualia: literally lmao
[9.36.32] Betty the Bat: Delete this
[9.36.36] Betty the Bat: At lmao
[9.36.38] Betty the Bat: Ay*
rsuty Jan 25 @ 6:21am 
Well, idk. But did you know they hold elections in north korea? There's only one party to vote for though
rsuty Jan 23 @ 3:10am 
according to:

they're clearly not