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May 19 @ 10:49am
In topic Trash anything without resistances?
I assume if I'm weighing between two good pieces of gear, I assume I should, in general, favor the one that offers resist over the one with slightly better DPS?
He raises a good point about the design of it. Just focusing on the "test your luck" aspect of it, you can't really make an informed decision about whether to continue or stop when there is zero ramp up from cake walk to boss instantly destroys you gg no re.

I mean, just ignoring the loot aspect, that's a bit of an annoyance.

Granted I don't think many people play ARPGs as a genre for their "masterful" balancing, it's certainly not a problem unique to GD in any sense, but this interaction between ARPG swing and the premise of testing your luck is a point of friction.
May 13 @ 7:38pm
In topic why remaster v2 when 3 and 4 exist?
v2 doesn't have the open maps or improvements of 3 and 4, but the theme there is proper WW2 destroyed villages, urban areas, and the plot is a bit better. It still offers something you can't get in 3 and 4.
Apr 27 @ 5:19pm
In topic GFWL?
Boss rush is NOT a small feature. LP's fun is in the bosses and since you can just sleepwalk through most levels, it's nice to be able to just fight the bosses. That's in Colonies but not regular.

Whether that's worth dealing with GFWL is up to you.

HOWEVER if you're a one-and-done core campaign type of player, Colonies has NOTHING to offer you.
Apr 20 @ 8:09pm
In topic Virus / backdoor.silentbreak ?
I scanned the exe with a multiscanner and got a similar result from those AV tools but several others said it was clean.

A brief google search suggests this is not even close to the first time a Unity game has triggered this finding in an AV engine as what we can only assume is a false positive (Unless you think Kerbal Space Program is malware)
I will add the mission quality is a big plus for this. Even stuff like WO4 is packed with missions that make you do dumb escorts or listen to people talk for a while to open a gate. Extella Link has a bunch of missions of various lengths that are just real good at getting you quickly into the action.
Florence and Helena
Apr 6 @ 12:00pm
In topic Most Powerful Character?
Drake is incredible.

Artoria's command skills blow in my opinion.

I haven't tried all the top tiers recommended in this thread though.
I think for an "off-brand" anime style musou, it's REALLY up there. The quality and movesets are definitely high tier. But I would rate DW8XL, OPPW3, and arguably FEW above it. DW9 and Basara I think are stronger as well.

The ease is a factor, to be sure, but when musou gets hard it usually gets hard in a garbage way.
Apr 4 @ 9:39pm
In topic Beat Paragon Elreed, whoo!
Duu Shen's ablaze ability is almost too good but Elreed is a jerk so I think it evens out
Apr 2 @ 11:51am
In topic Developers please moderate the games.
I don't see a problem with the behavior you're describing and think it's really weird that you are this worked up about it. It certainly does not require a costly, annoying, and unreliable speech filter and autokick system. Grow up and learn to deal with people making dopey dumb jokes online.
Mar 22 @ 7:02pm
In topic This or Nioh?
Nioh is much better. Nioh is a bit more of a loot grind, but the combat trounces anything Sekiro has.
Mar 10 @ 11:59pm
In topic completely worthless skill points
Originally posted by Tanist:
Originally posted by Maggotheart:
The game warns you that Durendil have special equipment restrictions.

But was it warned with a big yellow bouncing ball and message in the form of an 90's porn virus flashing across the screen telling them that they have a choice as long as the choice is the one they are told to make?

This is the real problem with modern game design and why so many are confused and upset when they can mess themselves over.

I say take all the warning labels off everything and let nature take care of itself.
Most modern games enable more thoughtful, higher level engagement with the game mechanics by having a UI that actually corresponds to the game mechanics and, in so doing, bridges the gap between player and gameplay mechanics, allowing both to be better.

I mean there's a reason Etrian Odyssey is harder, and packed with more meaningful build variety, than damn near every blobber out there, classic or modern. The mechanics there are not hidden from the player and thus they support higher level play.

This is an argument between people who can handle games that demand mechanical mastery and cleverness vs those who cannot and prefer games that are far less challenging, but hide and obfuscate their mechanics
The percentage means jack diddly in this game. All that matters is clearing the levels and you may as well do those if you're having fun.
Mar 6 @ 6:20pm
In topic Worst level?
The collectathon rift that comes with the Cruise Ship. That level was awful and tedious. Oh boy I can't wait to hike across yet another overlong linear path of eight platforms and do the mask-switch-falling-platform-wall-jump trick AGAIN for another single pon
Mar 4 @ 7:52pm
In topic Death wish bosses
Oh and don't skip the community rifts. They're pretty good conventional levels
So I guess they're not gonna fix this then...
People who whine about lolis are always redditors who want to destroy anime. I find loli***s unseemly but I hate you "people" more
Why does the Death Wish song from the soundtrack fade before the song has even looped? This is stupid. It cuts out before you've even heard the entire song, and it doesn't help that Death Wish has a neat motif right at the end of that song before the loop
Mar 2 @ 10:44pm
In topic Death wish bosses
Barring mods, I can't find a way. The quickest way is to just do Peace and Tranquility on every map you find irritating. This makes the map trivial and gives you all three seals for it. You need 50 for the Mustache Girl EX boss. Keep advancing through the map as each boss is at its respective corner of the map.
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