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Unlocked May 17, 2014 @ 8:47pm

First of Many

Died once.

Treasure Hunter

Collected every money bag.


Traversed every room.


Acquired the Crimson Aura.

Kind of Blue

Acquired the Cerulean Aura.

Instant Fun

Acquired the Springheel Boots.

Wouldn't It Be Cool If...

Acquired the Spider Gloves.

Nth Time's the Charm

Lost the game in any mode.

You Had to Win the Game

Won the game in any mode.

#yolo #swag #nbd

Won the game while wearing sunglasses.

Nap Time

Won the game as a cat.

An Achievement called "Completionist"

Won the game in any mode with a 100% rating.

Places to Go, People to See

Won the game in any mode in under ten minutes.

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