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I got mixed feelings about this game.

First of all, this is no classic side-scroller as you might think at first, which was my reason for starting it much later. The actual movement is side-scroller like, but nothing like a jump and run platformer. It performs more like a rouge like game, at least for me.

So where is this mixed feeling coming from...

This definitely is one of the best games I have played in years. The last game that had such a great atmosphere, graphics that worked so well with the soundtrack and had such an impact on me was back in 1997. I do like fancy graphics, but this one proves again, it is not all about FPS, ultra settings or 4k.

This War of Mine feels like a piece of living art, where you are in the middle of a living hell. Just played it for a few hours so far, but I definitely need breaks between the sessions. I can't really explain what it is, that makes this game so beautiful and terrifying at the same moment.

The most significant part about this game is the mood it creates. There is no jump-scare, no pointless zombie-slaying or raiding some random areas to simply pimp up your base. What is so scary about this game is the psychological atmosphere it creates. It is dark, it seems hopeless all the time and what ever you do, in some way you may feel guilty for it. In terms of immersion and realism it is just an awesome game, maybe the best I ever played.

Devs, thank you for this great game. I'd love to see this in schools, to experience history in a different way.

Worth the price? Playing 1 hour, can't stop thinking about the situations the entire day, so yes it is totally worth it - maybe even more, since personal experiences are hard to value.


If there are veterans out there playing games, you might wanna skip this one. It is great, but you don't wanna live through your memories again.

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