Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Hey! My names BensPortal. I play Video Games.

Not accepting random friend requests unless we actually get along.

That guy who is obsessed with Marisa :marisa:

Admin for War3Evo Jailbreak. :yuyuko:

Current Location: Hope's Peak Highschool.

Check Me Out!:

Favorite Games: Team Fortress 2, Undertale, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2, 100% Orange Juice, Essentially all the Touhou titles.

TF2 Wishlist
Stange Festive Pro KS Grenade Launcher
Pro KS Aussie Rocket Launcher
Golden Pan
KS Gold Botkiller Scattergun
Strange Splendid Screen with a Halloween Spell
Strange Festive KS Eyelander
Aussie Medigun + Blutsauger
Unusual Prince Tarvish Crown

*Wall of Chat Stupidity*

Auro: you should stop being so bullyable then

(Voice) MarisaPortal: No

MarisaPortal : i swear everytime I go for a backstab someone moves 1 inch and it makes me miss
Flandflard : welcome to my life
MarisaPortal : lmao

BensPortal joined team Ben
BensPortal : Team Ben ftw
[Cutiefly] Jerry : thats what the * means
[Cutiefly] Jerry : marriage
[Cutiefly] Jerry : or shipping rather
[Cutiefly] Jerry : bc * can also be X
[Cutiefly] Jerry : like BenXJerry
[Ordinary Magician] BensPortal : Jerry you're a genio-
[Ordinary Magician] BensPortal : oh
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Very good lad +rep
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I want to kiss your eye :hatsunemiku:
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yeetus feetus fix your ♥♥♥♥ing internet ben
Tako Oct 8, 2018 @ 7:19am 
Added for negotiation of friendship. I'm really interested :hanawoo:
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added for possible negotiation
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