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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Profile!

My name is Benoist. I live in France, so I'm french. Thank you so much for reading this text box.

I made some public plugins for TF2 and CS:GO servers. I work privately, so if you want to contact me - don't hesitate. I would love to talk to anyone. Just be sure that you read this text box!

I've worked for Glubbable's servers (fixing some plugins, creating gamemodes, ect...).
I have also updated Slender Fortress.

If you have any requests regarding to the mod(s) and/or bug reports, leave a comment in my comment section.

Can I add you?
Yes, of course, you may add me, unless you follow these rules:
* Your profile is not private. If it is - you get blocked permanently. The same thing goes with the VAC banned users.
* Before adding me, be sure to post a comment with the reason why, but if I met you and I talk to you in-game, then you don't need to post any comments. You just can add me right away.

Those people, who wants to add me wit the good reason - thank you. Like seriously, I don't want to waste my Friend Slots, just because you want me to be your friend and behave like a mute.

You removed me? Why?
Every month, I clean my Friends list so if you get removed, please don't so be angry. Just send a friend request, again!

Do you trade any items?
No, I do not trade any items. Instead of trading, I buy & sell items in the or in the Steam Market.

Do you accept boss requests for Slender Fortress?
No! There is a core done by Kit, so any server owners are free to use any bosses at any times.

Are you the dev of the MvM Meets PvP , TF Racers and a dev of new SF2 versions?
Indeed I am. If you want to play on MvM Meets PvP, take a look on Potato's mvm servers group , I'm the co-author of this mod, and for playing my new versions of SF2, and TF Racers, take a look at Glubbable's group.

Someone said something bad about you - is it true?
I leave you to think whatever you want! You know, who you need to trust! To be honest, if you love or hate me, I don't care!

Do you accept gamemode requests?
Sure. Ask me privately! I'm not taking gamemode request for the time being.

Do you accept private plugin requests?
Yes, it depends on what you want me to do. If it's something small, then I can do the request(s) for free.
I'm not taking plugin requests fro the time being.

Where can I find a full list of your PUBLIC plugins?
You can find them right here! []

~Have a nice day! :sfsmile:

I would like to thanks Frosty for this awesome profil picture :balloon: :happy_creep: :balloon:

Hall of fame
This is the hall of fame, those are the people that I have lot of respects for, if you decide to see who's in the list it means you are either someone I told you are in, or you are a stalker, or fame greed, in which case, if you click and get angry for not being in it just proves that you are a fame greed and cares about stupid things, the next thing you should do now for being angry, is removing me from your friends list.

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Don Lalo 29 minutes ago 
Hey man, I want to add you 'cause I want to say something important to you
Custer 15 hours ago 
I want to add you,becouse i want to talk with you if possible,about the server and some complications in the past.Thank you!
Zegelia (Sirius) Aug 17 @ 5:14am 
I want to add you, hoping we could be friends :)
ブラックアップル Aug 16 @ 8:21pm 
I just wanna say when I click view more info it sends me to a YouTube song ZD
Towarzysz Duckton Aug 15 @ 3:15pm 
I just added you to sam some questions because I got so much questions to you
Misterious Pumpkin Aug 15 @ 2:04pm 
HENLO fat robot :gnome: