Cody/Dakota   United States
-----------------The Ency Data Bank---------------
---This Very Weird Pengwing is Not Anything I EVERY Encourted Before...-Robin Goodall
-----Food : Arctic Peeper,Nootfish,Arrowray
-----Friends : Al-An,Mr.Warper ( Gush ),Robin Goodall,Titan The Titan Holefish
-----Enemy`s : Other Pengwings,Jo Jefferys,Ice Worms,Marguerit Maida
-----Likes : The Penglings,Cold Weather,Music,Wants to Huddle With Other Pengwings
------Dislikes : Spy Penglings -( Yes I Was The Angry parent Who Chased Gwenne Penne )-
------Biomes : Deep Twisty Bridges,Lilypads Islands,Arctic And...Glacial Basin

-------This Pengwing Is an Member Of ( Error 212 ) Of the Legend On the Moon
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rep + has subnautica below zero description
TNT Mc.Creeper :coffee: Apr 28 @ 4:01pm 
are you egg boi?
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(-_-) I mean howd u get my profile in the first place XD
Just Push the Icon and Hit Sent Friend Request! xD
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lol. but how'd u get to my profile anyways? just asking. XD