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Hello reader of my profile, I'm Nightshade, I love making friends, playing video games, role-playing, and listening to music, mainly game soundtracks and remixes of game soundtracks. lol

As I said, I love making friends! I accept any invites unless the profile is private. I also ask that you don't remove me silently, at least give me a reason, okay? If I remove you from my friends list it's because either we never talk or you've been offline for a long time (about a year or more). If you still want to be friends just re-add me!

I also mentioned above that I like to role-play. I prefer long continuous ones and not ones that end after a day. I also role-play in games depending on the game.

:terraria: Favorite Games :terraria:
Steam Games: Team Fortress 2, the Half-Life series, the Portal series, the Left 4 Dead series, Garry's Mod, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Grand Theft Auto V, the Borderlands series, Fall Guys, Among Us, the Jackbox series, and More
Blizzard Games: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, the Diablo series, and Overwatch
Nintendo Switch Games: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Pokémon Sword, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
Misc. Games: Minecraft, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, The Sims 4, and

:cupcake: Basic Information :cupcake:
Name: Alexander
Nickname(s): Alex, Nightshade, Shade, Lord Nightshade, The Balloonipyro
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 24th, Age: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual (Male Preference)
Relationship Status: Ask Me

Name: Brianna
Nickname(s): Bri, Anna, Lady Nightshade, Fluffy, Guardianna the Guardian of Guarding
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 24th, Age: 24
Sexuality: Ask Me
Relationship Status: Ask Me

:balloonicorn: Fun Facts :balloonicorn:
●My favorite colors are blue and pink.
●I love cupcakes. :cupcake:
●Cupcakes are muffins but better, change my mind.
●I'm a furry and my fursona is a fox. :TruberFox:
●I'm an aspiring game designer, YouTuber, streamer, and VTuber.
●I am/was (it's complicated) a Brony and my favorite pony is Fluttershy.
●Yordles are my spirit animals, except for Rumble, he can be punted into the Howling Abyss for all I care.
●I have a habit of putting too many games on my Steam wishlist. :torielsad:
●I'm a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent.
:sans: I don't dislike puns, but I'm not fond of them either. :papyrus:
●Wumpa Fruits are just mangoes with purple juice, change my mind. :wumpafruit:
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:melon: My Groups :melon:
Hale's Own Mercenaries
Freeman's Own Resistance
GLaDOS' Own Test Subjects
Garry's Own Modders
Bill's Own Survivors

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Welcome to my profile!
:tobdog: Miscellaneous Things :tobdog:
●Please DON'T remove me silently, please give me a reason, don't be rude, thank you. :Heartyou:

●I take unwanted weapons on Team Fortress 2 if you're looking to get rid of any cluttering your inventories. :crate:

●My profile comments are OPEN .
Team Fortress 2 Wishlist
:crate: Unique/Vintage/Genuine Weapons :crate:
Note: Non-Unique weapons will be marked with (Vintage) or (Genuine) next to them.
Scout: Batsaber
Demoman: Tide Turner
Heavy: Robo-Sandvich and Apoco-Fists
Engineer: Giger Counter
Sniper: Shooting Star
Spy: Big Kill, Black Rose, Wanga Prick, Quäckenbirdt, and Ap-Sap
Multi-Class: C.A.P.P.E.R, Ham Shank, Crossing Guard, Prinny Machete, and Panic Attack

:crate: Strange Weapons :crate:
Heavy: Sandvich
Engineer: Gunslinger
Medic: Kritzkrieg
Spy: Invis Watch and Sapper

:crate: War Painted Weapons :crate:
Note: All War Painted weapons listed are wanted in Factory New and Strange qualities.
Soldier: Starlight Serenity Disciplinary Action
Demoman: Sweet Dreams Grenade Launcher and Sweet Dreams Stickybomb Launcher
Heavy: Mister Cuddles Minigun and Pizza Polished Minigun
Sniper: Balloonicorn Sniper Rifle
Spy: Smissmas Spycrabs Knife, Smissmas Spycrabs Revolver, and Top Shelf Knife
Multi-Class: Quack Canvassed Shotgun and Starlight Serenity Shotgun

:crate: Unique/Vintage/Genuine Cosmetics :crate:
Note: Non-Unique cosmetics will be marked with (Vintage) or (Genuine) next to them.
Scout: Batter's Helmet (Vintage, Level 1)
Soldier: Soldier's Stash (Vintage, Level 2)
Pyro: Pyro's Beanie (Vintage, Level 3)
Heavy: Football Helmet (Vintage, Level 5)
Engineer: Mining Light (Vintage, Level 6)
Medic: Prussian Pickelhaube (Vintage, Level 7)
Sniper: Trophy Belt (Vintage, Level 8)
Spy: Fancy Fedora (Vintage, Level 9)

:crate: Strange Cosmetics :crate:
Scout: Baseball Bill's Sports Shine, Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood, Red Socks, Southie Shinobi, Brooklyn Booties, Thermal Tracker, Courtier's Collar, Harlequin's Hooves, and Mountebank's Masque
Soldier: Compatriot, Classified Coif, Man in Slacks, and Spook Specs
Pyro: Infernal Orchestrina, Gas Guzzler, Lunatic's Leathers, and Smoking Skid Lid
Demoman: Cool Breeze, Black Watch, Gaelic Garb, Allbrero, Seeing Double, and Six Pack Abs
Heavy: Apparatchik's Apparel, Mann of the House, Combat Slacks, Gone Commando, Heavy Lifter, Unshaved Bear, and BedBug Protection
Engineer: Egghead's Overalls, Level Three Chin, Lonesome Loafers, Tools of the Trade, and Dead'er Alive
Medic: Das Maddendoktor, A Brush with Death, Medical Mystery, Ruffled Ruprecht, Fashionable Megalomaniac, Medicine Manpurse, Burly Beast, Battle Boonie, and Vitals Vest
Spy: Business Casual, A Hat to Kill For, Chicago Overcoat, Big Topper, and Showstopper
Multi-Class: Weight Room Warmer, Frenchman's Formals, Cuban Bristle Crisis, Brotherhood of Arms, Breakneck Baggies, and Balloonihoodie

:crate: Unusual Cosmetics :crate:

:crate: Unique Taunts :crate:
Scout: Boston Boarder, Bunnyhopper, Scooty Scoot, Spin-to-Win, and Trackman's Touchdown
Pyro: Headcase
Demoman: Pooped Deck
Heavy: Soviet Strongarm
Medic: Time Out Therapy
Multi-Class: Burstchester, Fist Bump, Second Rate Sorcery, Yeti Punch, Yeti Smash, and Zoomin' Broom

:crate: Unusual Taunts :crate:
Sniper: Second Rate Sorcery (Effect: Infernal Smoke)

:crate: Miscellaneous :crate:
Description Tags, Name Tags, Paints (Any Color), and Tour of Duty Tickets
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Things I no longer want in favor of other things I do want (listed above).
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Random question, to anyone who sees this, is anyone else experiencing missing emotes? Like, they still exist, but, they don't show up like they should? Instead showing up as text with an empty square in front of it?
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I dunno. Thought you could help me find some. .w.