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Henlo. :tongue:
Just a deer that likes to play sniper and trade in Team Fortress 2.

I'm a furry who loves to play video games and make friends. I'm happily taken. I hope one day I'll be able to live in a cabin in the middle of a forest.

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My trading rules:
1. If your profile is private, I will not trade with you.
2. If you have ever been VAC banned from TF2 or trade banned, I will not trade with you.
3. Don't invite me as a friend for trading. (If not for trading, go ahead!)
4. Please make it quick and simple; I don't negotiate prices, nor do I want to chat (Not to be rude, just to keep things moving).
5. Do not send me custom trade links to trade with you.

That's about it, most people that I'll trade with will most likely already follow these rules, but unfortunately I have to put this here to prevent scammers. Follow these, and trading between us will be quick and satisfactory! :pleased:

Scammers encountered: 5
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+rep Is a pretty chill guy, even though I only talked to him like once.
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+Rep Fast and efficient trader. Please join my steam group! -
Medceplor Jun 27 @ 8:03pm 
NeoXenoZ | May 30 @ 1:13am 
Do you like bird horses?! OwO
Toastmannen Mar 24 @ 5:10am 
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Deer, a wonderful species. Not a fan of hooves, but like them nonetheless. ^w^