Christoph Licht   Griesheim, Hessen, Germany
Former Hardcoregamer, Collector and Journalist out of passion and conviction who has been playing since 1990. Now boring family man :).

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Created by - Ary
[h1]This Guide is WORK IN PROGRESS! So far it covers the MAIN GAME, From the Ashes, Amorous Adventures, Band of Bastards and A Woman's Lot DLC + the Content that got patched in later (Hardcore & Tourney)![/h1]

Feel free to write down in the comments if
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I really, really wanted to recommend this game even if only Chapter 1 is currently available. The setting is utterly unique (and severly depressing), the writing is gripping, the mood set thanks to sound, music and graphics is excellent (and again: very depressing) and the choices you have to make are hard and really matter in terms of what comes next driving the replayability through the roof. But the english version is a jumbled mess to put it lightly:

- Savegames disappear until you start a new game
- After loading a savegame the text is in Russian (fixed by going in the Settings and changing it to Russian and back to English again)
- There are pages of text completely missing (including one that prevents you continuing on a critical path)
- Broken or wrong links behind the choices (leading to the same page again; living people being suddenly dead, and such)
- Visible code on the pages because of broken stuff
- Font issues (especially when special characters are involved)

and many more technical shortcomings.

In the end it makes it not only hard to play the game but also very hard to follow the story - and for a text adventure that is not tolerable. So for now the only thing I can actually recommend about this game is the soundtrack.

I hope the devs will be able to find the help they need not only to finish the story but to get the quality up. The potential is there for a real gem of a game.
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Did I just have a drug-fueled trip through Second Life circa 1995? Could be but it didn't exist yet back then. Was the trip fun? Perhaps but I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to. Is this „game“ a higher artform I can't possibly understand? Maybe. Am I just plain crazy? Or are the developers? Who knows? Do you? Do they? I don't. Maybe it's better that way.

Would never play again...or am I playing it right now?! Help!
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Christoph zeigt #5: DuckTales Remastered [PC, Full HD]
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