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That One Guy 2017. okt. 8., 21:07 
Enjoyed your PUBG Crate Drop Rate Estimates, thanks for that info :)
Balla 2015. dec. 22., 12:25 
Anal Beads OP :steamhappy::steammocking:
prozac 2015. okt. 14., 14:00 
Your mate Jeremy... might you be that nice to tell him what a huge kind of fucking cheater he is? You know, Rip38b. Plays with invulnerability cheat MGS 5 TPP. Tell him, he has a small dick.:steamsad:
☀ Sunny.M ☀✔ 2015. máj. 4., 8:20 
Free hugs! *hugs* :smile:
d4sonic 2015. márc. 5., 18:15 
hi ur guide for dark souls 1 dont seam to be working anymore but what i saw realy helped alot lol that game is a die fest lol thx for ur guides
[CCC] sO_яoNerY 2014. okt. 7., 1:28 
John doesn't have blood. His blood has been replaced by beer muahaha