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I enjoy reading webcomics.
My favorites/the ones I know about: - Initially partially connected pages following a tentacle who makes comments on the gaming industry and tries to be funny. Also draws girls because fanservice - Interpretation -Quality improves drastically later, it follows a group as they roll through a DND campaign First page (default link goes to most recent page) Following main charactor through space... First page of steampunk adventure. Initial art is new. Follows story of a world where ghosts go into children, pick a body part, take it, become a physical creature, and typically have special powers. Organization abuses the heck out of it.interesting story. Relatively new webcomic also known as relatively short webcomic. Follows Vincent, as he does stuff. Theres a vampire in there somewhere. Jas goes on a trip, through the stars. And encounters various creatures and challenges.

Not entirely Safe for work Follows hippy who explores who they are...and also fucks everything that moves. Very funny. has BOOBS Title card says alot but you follow main charactor through daily life. First few pages are a bit Much. Doesnt have uncensored boobs. You follow a guy who accidentally calls a succubus but doesnt complete the contract because he doesnt wanna go to hell, so he goes to hell and back to try and find a way out while still living his life.Very funny.
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(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
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-̗̀ (ↀᆼↀ ) -̖́
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Ahhh a wolf.
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TOKEI Just now

♥♥♥♥ you too you japanese bastard.