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This maybe a hot take But i think the two games that people claim are the worst of the series
Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight
are the two games that have the most to say about the character Of Batman. Calling Batman Arkham Origins a reskin to Arkham City Is...
" When the mugger or the thief stops to think twice that is
That is what I am. That is why they hire assassins because i am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises
. -Batman
Batman Arkham Origins does this facinating thing. It takes Bruce Wayne and makes him a complete hot headed stubborn entitled one man bone breaking machine that believes he is an unstoppable force. A man who believes that the bounty on his head and the eight assassins hunting him down is of no threat to him. So no Alfred I am NOT in over my head, Tonight will not be my end
It's for sure arrogance but i think that arrogance, That brashness comes from Bruce's own fear not the fear of being killed or brought down but the fear of letting people in. Not the fear of being Batman but the fear of being Bruce Wayne. It's a classic character trait. Bruce is better at being an intimidating terrifying vigilante then he is at being a man, Being a human being but this game turns that into his biggest character flaw.

There's a reason Batman is still a myth when the game starts. There is a reason this is the first interaction Bruce has in the game. The story being set on Christmas Eve isn't just because Christmas and Batman are the stunning visual equivalent of peanut butter and jelly it's not only because having the city be covered in snow Freshens up the reused assets from the Arkham City but because Christmas is a time of Family of Warmth of Comfort. While everyone is cozied up inside next to the warm fireplace spending time with the ones they love most. Our boy Bruce is outside in the cold hunting down the guilty utterly alone. It may be his duty his responsiblity to be out there but this goes beyond that. From the opening cutscene it's he is much more comfortable going out there than he is spending time eating Christmas dinner with the man who raised him.
Remember when everyone hated about this game Plot twist which is a genuinely great plot twist. The plot twist that black mask is really
The Joker
. The main Villain of the game wasn't Sionis and it wasn't the assassins but it was once again The joker. The entire Arkham series has been about one thing, The relationship between Batman and the joker. Arkham Asylum establishes the classic Duo. Arkham City fundamentally changes that relationship and Arkham Origins is the.. Origin! and what WB Montreal does with the joker is frankly THE BEST. Going into the bank and seeing body after body meticulously laid out, Strung up, Mangled puts you into the mindset of Batman. He has dealt with criminals, Freaks, Mad men but he never dealt with the
. Someone who cares so little for what Bruce cares about the most, Human Life.

What i find Captivating is that the Joker doesn't give a flying F about the Batman he truly wants him dead. He is an obstacle in his way something that must be taken out. It's not until Batman risks his own life to save him that something deeper and far more compelling forms. Now, why.. why why would you do that?! Newsflash! I am the one whose trying to kill you. From that point on Arkham Origins becomes one of my Favorite Batman Joker stories in any other place. Batman and The joker have a very F'uked up love story and i stand by that, Joker has fallen for Batman just the way Batman has fallen for joker. He sees something in the Batman. He sees that both him and Bruce, they both exist because of the people or dare i say it, It's the society that forced them to exist the difference between them being Bruce Wayne chooses to protect the society while joker chooses to destroy to mock it.
They are two sides of the same coin and Arkham Origins spends a lot of time making that abundantly clear.

This is one of my favorite moments in any video game. The clever writing the idea that Harley believes The Joker is talking about her when he's really talking about Batman.Someone very, Very Special. But his real name, I don't even know yet. "My name is Harley" The face that you get to play as the Joker and see the world through his eyes before immediately getting a peek into the mind of Bruce. Place those bits right next to each other furthers that the idea of these two are kindred Spirits in a way, An idea that the Joker wants Bruce to realize. He wants to prove they are the same he wants to prove that deep down at their core they are both lonely isolated freaks willing to do anything to complete their missions.

It takes Batman almost losing Alfred to Bane, One of the assassins Joker hired to kill Batman for Bruce to realize he has been doing this batman thing all wrong. Don't add me to the weight you carry. -Alfred. For Bruce to get some Humility and learn that being an angry lone vigilante with the chip on his shoulder isn't being a hero. Bruce wayne- I can't do it, I can't stop them. Alfred- No you can't, Not on your own. Isolating yourself doesn't make you strong it makes you angry and fearful. But its high time you realize that you are a man and not a Knight. And a man strength comes not just from brawn and intelligence but also from his allies. -Alfred

It makes you, It makes Bruce Wayne closer to the monster he's trying to stop, If Bruce had kept going down this path, Kept being a vengeful warrior who believes caring and trusting is a weakness then night after night he would become more and more of a monster. He would become more and more like
But for the first time in the game he listens to Alfred instead of aggressively dismissing him. For the first time in the game Bruce changes.
Alfred- They need you. Batman- No, They need us.

It all builds to the moment where you finally get to beat the snot out of the Joker while he raves about how similar he and Bruce are. Joker- You know if you had actually let me finish a sentence you might learn something. You might learn that
. And he is right about many things, Maybe Batman does enjoy this maybe he does need to beat the guilty to feel something but at this point Bruce has grown and we have grown and by the time we land that final punch we know that while batman and the Joker are indeed two sides of the same coin, they are not the same. The Joker is alone and we are not.


-Hitop Films
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