BeardBoy   Saligao, Goa, India
:rollAngry: Welcome to my Thug Life Profile....! :rollAngry:
:rollAngry: Please Feel Free to Trade/Donate your surplus items.
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:rollAngry: MatchMaking Rank Ladder-
🥈S1 Silver I :steamthumbsdown:
🥈S2 Silver II :steamthumbsdown:
🥈S3 Silver III :steamthumbsdown:
🥈S4 Silver IV :steamthumbsdown:
🥈S5 Silver Elite :steamthumbsdown:
🥈S6 Silver Elite Master :steamthumbsdown:
🏅G1 Gold Nova I :steamthumbsdown:
🏅G2 Gold Nova II :steamthumbsdown:
🏅G3 Gold Nova III :steamthumbsdown:
🏅G4 Gold Nova Master :steamthumbsup:
⚔️MG1 Master Guardian I :steamthumbsup:
⚔️MG2 Master Guardian II :steamthumbsup:
⚔️MGE Master Guardian Elite :steamthumbsup:
✴ DMG Distinguished Master Guardian :steamthumbsup:
🦅 LE Legendary Eagle :steamthumbsup: [Current]
🦅 LEM Legendary Eagle Master :steamthumbsdown:
🌐SUP Supreme Master First Class :steamthumbsdown:
🌏TGE The Global Elite :steamthumbsdown:

:rollAngry: Favorite Maps in Order -

:rollAngry: FavoriteSkins (all weapons) -
AK-47 - Neon Rider :steamthumbsup:
SSG-08 - DragonFire:steamthumbsup:
MP7 - Bloodsport :steamthumbsup:
M4a1S - Player Two ❌
Glock 18 - Water Elemental :steamthumbsup:
Negev - Power Loader :steamthumbsup:
P250 - Asiimov :steamthumbsup:
MAC 10 - Neon Rider :steamthumbsup:
UMP 45 - Primal Saber :steamthumbsup:
AUG - Momentum :steamthumbsup:
FAMAS - Roll Cage :steamthumbsup:
PP Bizon - Embargo :steamthumbsup:
Sawed-Off - Apocalypto :steamthumbsup:
SCAR 20 - Bloodsport :steamthumbsup:
M249 - Nebula Crusader :steamthumbsup:
Five Seven - Angry Mob :steamthumbsup:
USP-S - Cortez :steamthumbsup:
Galil AR - Chromatic Aberration:steamthumbsup:
AWP - Fever Dream :steamthumbsup:
Nova - HyperBeast❌
Deagle - Trigger Discipline :steamthumbsup:
Tec 9 - Decimator❌
MP9 - Food Chain :steamthumbsup:
MAG7 - Monster Call :steamthumbsup:
P90 - Asiimov :steamthumbsup:
SG 553 - Pulse :steamthumbsup:
Duel Barrettas - Twin Turbo :steamthumbsup:
XM1014 - Tranquility :steamthumbsup:
CZ75 - Tacticat :steamthumbsup:
MP5 SD - Phosphor ❌
G3SG1 - Flux ❌
Gloves - Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid Well Worn ❌
Knife - StatTrak Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet Minimal Wear ❌
:rollAngry: Favorite Teams
1. Natus Vincere
2. NiP
:rollAngry: Favorite Pro Players
1. Device
2. Ropz
3. Simple
:rollAngry: Favorite CSGO Youtuber
1. TDM_Heyzeus
2. NadeKing
3. Sparkles
4. Fellz
5. MasterShiny
6. ZipelCS
:rollAngry: This Steam Account
Steam Level: 101
Badges: 193
Profile Awards: 21
Total Awards: 39
Screenshots: 315
Artworks: 02
Groups: 378
Friends: 699
Highest Steam Level Friend: Level - 1277
Comments: 17,969
Total CSGO Hours - 7,424
:rollAngry: System Specifications
✅Processor - AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600X
✅Motherboard - msi™ B450M-PRO-M2-MAX
✅RAM - Corsair VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz (16x2)
✅Graphics Card - msi™ GeForce® RTX 2060 Ventus 2X XS OC
✅Power Supply - Corsair RM Series™ RM750i — 80PLUS® Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU
✅OS Storage - Samsung® 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 500GB
✅CS:GO Storage - Crucial™ BX500 500GB Sata 3D Nand SSD
✅Cabinet - Corsair Carbide Series™ 300R
✅CPU Cooler - CoolerMaster® ML120
✅System Cooler - Noctua® NF-F12 PWM Industrial Grade Fan x 4
✅Storage - Seagate™ 2TB FireCuda SSHD x 2 (other games storage)
✅Storage - Seagate™ 2TB BurraCuda HDD x 1 (general storage)
✅Monitor - msi™ Optix G241 24' 144Hz
✅Mouse - Logitech® MX™518 (2005 edition)
✅Keyboard - Logitech® Classic Keyboard K100
✅Mouse Pad - Steelseries® QCK+
✅Headset - SteelSeries® Siberia™ 200
✅Earphones - Apple® Earpods 3.5mm
✅Audio Interface - Focusrite® Scarlett™ 2i2
✅Microphone - Rode™ NT-2A Condensor Microphone
✅WiFi Router - TP-Link TL-WN721N
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3. Become an active member of the Steam Community.
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:Honest::atomical::butterfly::LIS_butterfly:   :LIS_butterfly::butterfly::atomical::Honest:
:LIS_butterfly::orb:   :atomical::Honest::atomical:    :orb::LIS_butterfly:
:Honest::butterfly:               :butterfly::Honest:
   :LIS_butterfly::atomical:         :atomical::LIS_butterfly:   
      :Honest::butterfly:   :butterfly::Honest:      
Spectra` Jun 24 @ 12:11am 
   :LIS_butterfly::Honest:         :Honest::LIS_butterfly:   
:Honest::atomical::butterfly::LIS_butterfly:   :LIS_butterfly::butterfly::atomical::Honest:
:LIS_butterfly::orb:   :atomical::Honest::atomical:    :orb::LIS_butterfly:
:Honest::butterfly:               :butterfly::Honest:
   :LIS_butterfly::atomical:         :atomical::LIS_butterfly:   
      :Honest::butterfly:   :butterfly::Honest:      
es Jun 23 @ 7:24am 
 :nekoheart::catpaw::nekoheart:         :nekoheart::catpaw::nekoheart:
:catpaw::Mirro_sakura::shinealight::Mirro_sakura::catpaw:   :catpaw::Mirro_sakura::shinealight::Mirro_sakura::catpaw:
:nekoheart::shinealight::atomical:   :shinealight::nekoheart::shinealight:   :atomical::shinealight::nekoheart:
:catpaw::Mirro_sakura:      :atomical::Mirro_sakura::atomical:      :Mirro_sakura::catpaw:
   :nekoheart::shinealight::atomical:         :atomical::shinealight::nekoheart:
      :catpaw::Mirro_sakura::atomical:   :atomical::Mirro_sakura::catpaw:
Кошмарик Jun 23 @ 6:52am 
:goldmapmarker::Tomatoes::corny::thesun:   :thesun::thesun::Tomatoes::goldmapmarker:
:goldmapmarker::meatchunk::thesun::jihaeBroccoli:   :thesun::jihaeBroccoli::thesun::goldmapmarker:
   :goldmapmarker::doublebacon::thesun:   :Tomatoes::thesun::goldmapmarker:
      :goldmapmarker::goldmapmarker:   :goldmapmarker::goldmapmarker:
Spectra` Jun 23 @ 2:49am 
   :LIS_butterfly::Honest:         :Honest::LIS_butterfly:   
:Honest::atomical::butterfly::LIS_butterfly:   :LIS_butterfly::butterfly::atomical::Honest:
:LIS_butterfly::orb:   :atomical::Honest::atomical:    :orb::LIS_butterfly:
:Honest::butterfly:               :butterfly::Honest:
   :LIS_butterfly::atomical:         :atomical::LIS_butterfly:   
      :Honest::butterfly:   :butterfly::Honest: