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I hoard TF2 items crafted (and some gifted) by people. A different name behind every different item. Feel free to add to my slowly-growing set of 700+ items, because I suck at this whole TF2 profiteering thing.

Done with the game design thing in college.
Working as an afterschool care helper, trying to rack up enough to take a worthwhile risk of really living on my own. Also working to become a teacher. Funny how things work out that way.
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Name collector
I like crafted and gifted things from TF2. Call it a look into the many kinds of people that have played the game. I've picked up a few famous names, too. They can be seen on the following items:

- Blizzard Breather (crafted by B4nny)
- Giger Counter (crafted by Sky)
- Nunhood (crafted by Wayne)
- Diamond Botkiller Wrench (signed by Sigafoo)
- Holiday Headcase (signed by neodos)
- Duck Token (signed by Mattie!)
- B.M.O.C (signed by Geel)

And who knows? Maybe if you're curious, you'll find someone you know or knew in my collection
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A guide that examines the ancestral trinkets, and how to get them effectively
1^ Ruzael 22 лип о 17:59 
occultist best healer
Flamongo #100 9 чер о 10:13 
wanted to buy ur spec ks kits
M00NY 22 тра о 15:14 
Send offer for killstreak medi gun kit
Blasphemo, The Mighty Wozard 14 січ о 0:08 
Perhaps you shall recognize me.
♥ Remi Kat ♥ 20 жов 2018 о 17:56 
Ah, sorry! Just to let you know I have exams coming up in Nov, so i'm not gnona be able to do much x-x
Uber Fun 15 вер 2018 о 9:42 
You have a offer 😁