Batfoxkid Furry Form
I'm a young coder in SourceMod, gamemode developer, and edgy furr.


I will add you if I know you via comment, in-game, or elsewhere. Though I'm not really accepting trades at the moment if you wanted that.

About Me
I am a young programmer in SourcePawn and work on server-side mods for Team Fortress 2. I tend to work on custom gamemodes such as SCP: Secret Fortress or Freak Fortress 2. I also work or have worked with various TF2 communities, usually with assistance, content creation, and among other things. And yes I am a furry.

Profile Picture
This picture of my batfox created by Artvin .

Servers Working On
Versus Ponyville Reborn Funbox
Fried Kiwi Community
Fire Friendly

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Don't lose the chance when you get another try.
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JustCallMeHeavy 6 hours ago 
yeah people don't talk much here sometimes
questions regarding greymann
Shinshi Hantaka Mar 19 @ 10:08am 
Added to discuss about BVB inventory much later
HeavyIsHungryForPie Feb 26 @ 3:34pm 
Mug™ Jan 27 @ 12:31pm 
hello, I have a question about installing your ff2 fork and wanted minor assistance, :praisesun:
[2T] Smug Jan 1 @ 6:38pm 
The Rat.