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The four main reasons why I think Fortnite is a bad game is because of A) It’s addictive, not engaging, B) The fanbase is sh*t C) There have been so many more games before it that are very similar to it - the concept isn’t new. D) The building mechanic makes it so you can just run anywhere and get out of most situations bc you spam building. Due to this no fortnite players know how to properly position themselves to give themselves an advantage, they just run wherever they please because they know they can just throw up a building.

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I have 5000+ hours in this game, so I believe I have a say in how good it is.

This game has kept me fully captivated at every turn since October of 2012, I was immediately intrigued because of it's uniqueness, and it's gameplay that pulled me in. The actual classes in Team Fortress 2 are amazing as well, all having their own set personalities, without faltering in any areas, and none of them are weak in their personality, every single one will make you laugh or enrage you depending on if you are the dominator, or the dominee. The weapon unlocks all feel fair and balanced, except a few minor tweakings everything out of the hundreds of unique weapons feel fair, which is an impressive feat given how many there are. You really only feel like it was luck killing you when you are killed with a random crit, which is one of the games best and worst things at the same time, giving new players a chance to earn kills.

This game is a timeless masterpiece, lasting for over a decade now, proving how amazing Valve used to be. This is a momumental game that all other class/hero shooters should be held too, and will never be surpassed as a game, so sadly there will never be another game like Team Fortress, but it still holds a dear place in my heart.

Thank you, Valve.

With great love, appreciation, and hats,

A Long Time Fan.

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