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The five main reasons why I think Fortnite is a bad game is because of A) It’s addictive, not engaging, B) The fanbase is terrible C) There have been so many more games before it that are very similar to it - the concept isn’t new and is not improved upon in anyway. D) The building mechanic makes it so you can just run anywhere and get out of most situations bc you spam building. Due to this no fortnite players know how to properly position themselves to give themselves an advantage, they just run wherever they please because they know they can just throw up a building which relieves all tension from actual firefights beyond "Oh no my teammate is down". E) There are so many games that are tenfold better than this game that deserve the attention it recieves, but due to it pandering to children and people who haven't ever played video games it grows exponentially. They also add popular "dances" to the game that can't be copyright in the American copyright system, allowing them to make money off of things other people invent, that they can't copyright claim. Which to be fair is genius, but at the same time it's very slimy.

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