Baryonyx   Germany
Since my workshop objects seem to get me a lot of friend requests I will have to make the following thing clear:
I will accept every friend request, however if the individual doesn't talk to me in the timeframe of about one week, I will remove this person again.
This of course does not apply if there was previous fruitful conversation via comments or similar.

If you have a simple question or just want to say hello or thank me for the small work I've done, please write a comment on my profile instead.
Thank you.
BeardedBear87 Mar 16 @ 8:35am 
hey man, I've just got done of a bunker / war room that i thought you might be interested in
Baryonyx Mar 1 @ 12:58pm 
xXSheepDestroyerXx, the background I used in my High Quality Trees mod is not my own, it is a standard background that comes with the game. You can find it via Objects -> Backgrounds and is called "Field". I do not know what location this was taken from. You'd best ask one of the developers, like CHRY for example.
xXSheepDestroyerXx Mar 1 @ 11:25am 
Hey there, me and some friends were playing a game with a background of yours (from the high quality tree asset). The place seemed kinda familiar so we were wondering where it is. Cheers!
BeardedBear87 Feb 23 @ 11:13am 
hey man, I've just got done of a sniper tower for BoltAction, it's got 5 states for removing the roof and searchlight. or in a destroyed state
ifin you want to add it to any of your BA collections
packrat1984 Feb 22 @ 12:20pm 
Danke great mod!!!! I have a list of urls,,,
Spacewolf88 Feb 10 @ 5:53pm 
thanks for getting back to me! i'll make sure i'll link your origonal work too!