Mario   Nova Scotia, Canada
Just your average loser

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Why are you here?
Why am I here?
Why are any of us here?

My Accounts

Discord: BarneyBlaster#2830 : Barney#11984 (Alt account):BarneyV2#1434
Skype: barneyblaster
Epic Games: BarneyBlasterV2
Uplay: BarneyBlaster
Minecraft: BarneyBlaster
Xbox: baccalol
Osu: BarneyBlaster
Snapchat: Just ask me

Useless Info

If you want to talk to me why

Nah but If Im online / in a game I might respond.

If Im offline and you message me, you're either desperate or really fucking stupid.

Nah but I'll respond when I get back on.

Cool People

My Best Friend

Gets Clapped in 1v1's


Febreeze Homeless Sprayer

Gay But Ok

Pretty Cool Dude


About Me
So uh yeah, I like games.

I am a Global Admin on a Garry's Mod Server Called THAB (The Hundred Acre Bloodbath)

You can find me frequently on Thab servers doin shtuffs so don't be afraid to say hi :)

I frquently play games on platforms so if it says im online and I dont respond quickly im probably playing something else not on steam

Even though my name is BarneyBlaster just call me Barney please don't shorten it to Blaster

Ya moms titties are gay

Favorite Band: AJR

Favorite Game: Shovel Knight

Favorite Movie: LOTR trilogy can't pick a favorite.

Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon

Favorite VideoGame Charcter: Johnny Waffles

Something I quote from time to time: "This is one them moments. CATCH A RIIIIDE!!!"

Wiggles Enthusiast


I play Overwatch Competitvely

OW teams I have Been on

The Abusement Park

Over Yonder

Recent Activity

1,483 hrs on record
last played on Oct 18
4.5 hrs on record
last played on Oct 18
Achievement Progress   0 of 113
32 hrs on record
last played on Oct 17
BarneyBlaster Oct 10 @ 2:49pm 
Im sorry, didn't know you were active still,but hmu
Hunty Oct 9 @ 7:53pm 
BarneyBlaster more like you left me behind ;w;
Blue Oct 9 @ 1:57pm 
-rep hella easy to clap in 1v1's
MetelNeko™ Sep 27 @ 5:21pm 
"Febreeze Homeless sprayer" excuse me
Blue Sep 14 @ 2:36pm 
you right lmao
BarneyBlaster Sep 14 @ 1:10pm 
Paper beats rock so