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Amarci 11 hours ago 
add me
Sv. Prolivije Oct 17 @ 5:28pm 
added to discuss a potential trade
mr.Tea Oct 15 @ 6:21pm 
bumble humble grumble - covid sux, but this kind soul is keeping the hope alive. thanks again
+ rep for fanatical split
Sergey Bessarab Sep 29 @ 12:33am 
Thank you very much for a key on SG! :winter2019happybulb:
76561199032861246 Aug 8 @ 6:17am 
+rep, good teammate. send me friend request, so we can talk and play sometime :)
Finagle May 15 @ 9:26am 
Invite sent for accepted offer https://barter.vg/u/34e9/o/3438395/
AFAK May 15 @ 2:00am 
Added from Steamtrades regarding a key I am interested in.
EИТЕЯ*ONe•GoD ZoNIC May 14 @ 12:17am 
Hi! Stemtrades
M4rhun May 4 @ 11:36am 
adding you for borderlands 3
☆ Foxxy Apr 29 @ 4:51am 
guncashe Apr 26 @ 4:47pm 
Are you interested in trading your 7 days gift for any of mine/ TF2 keys? (except for my Rust)
klikzg Apr 23 @ 3:40am 
Waiting for u 2 finish this offer: https://barter.vg/u/3f74/o/3391962/ ;)
Killing Edg3 Apr 21 @ 9:19am 
He went first (I had 2 trades new user) and was patient enough to explain how to check bundle region restricted games. +REP Trustworthy Great trader.
petrovicluka284 Apr 14 @ 7:49am 
+rep a really trustful guy
NordicSanityz Apr 12 @ 9:46am 
+ Rep good trader, good prices!
MARXXX Apr 12 @ 3:28am 
added for buying games
Dr. Nonu Apr 11 @ 5:37pm 
Hey there, interested i n your Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines gift
GetThemOn Apr 11 @ 5:27pm 
added for the games
OldCigarette Apr 11 @ 8:07am 
added for portal 2 trade
Warden Apr 10 @ 7:45am 
added for euro truck 2
Fuget Tortuga Apr 10 @ 7:45am 
+rep nice and friendly trader, thanks for all :praisesun:
Zekkikun Apr 8 @ 9:10am 
added from steamtrades.
VasoKolbaso Mar 28 @ 9:49pm 
+ Rep! Good trader!
Yaser Gözlemiş Mar 27 @ 1:33pm 
hi HITMAN: The Complete First Season for nier or okami?

jej Mar 26 @ 10:03am 
added for trade
Soréia do Cul Mar 25 @ 9:28am 
adding to discuss a trade for Nier
Mortech Mar 24 @ 8:51am 
adding to discuss a trade
jonyaple Mar 20 @ 1:12pm 
interested in portal 2
P4R4D0X Mar 16 @ 4:02am 
Check ST.
basement Mar 7 @ 6:03pm 
added to talk for a trade
El Oso Mar 3 @ 8:51pm 
Added you for trade discussion :)
Sanktym Feb 28 @ 12:18am 
Hello! Please, check Barter for trade ^__^
EGO IS A PHOENIX Feb 5 @ 1:55pm 
hey, i want to trade codww2 with you, add me if u want :)
kawa_ Feb 1 @ 11:09pm 
+rep very good trader. thank you very much again!
「DOOD」 HONK Jan 31 @ 11:53pm 
send a message when you accept
「DOOD」 HONK Jan 31 @ 11:51pm 
adding for trade discussion
Longinus Jan 29 @ 9:35am 
added for trade
Shyampion Jan 26 @ 9:09pm 
Thanks for reply maybe 1500 gems ??
Wotan Jan 25 @ 1:47pm 
added for trade
Leonid Jan 25 @ 7:03am 
+rep good trader! Thanks you!
LOKZ Jan 22 @ 11:24am 
added for a trade?
Mornwulf Jan 21 @ 2:12pm 
added from steamtrades
BarbaricGenie Jan 20 @ 5:54pm 
Thanks for reminding me Trent. It actually looks like I don't have overcooked anymore. Sorry about that.
Trent Jan 20 @ 5:16pm 
You are letting my barter.vg offer expire.
ρоѕιтяои_ Jan 19 @ 2:31am 
:tobplus::xvrR::aaero2::protoshift:...ᴀ ғᴀιʀ τʀᴀᴅᴇʀ. :generalstore:
"Vampire Alanis" Jan 18 @ 3:31pm 
hi :) added you to trade
Thebap Jan 18 @ 12:49am 
added to trade
Cassio Hiro Jan 17 @ 5:02pm 
Added for Last day of June.
✪ Lub∅_⋄ Jan 17 @ 8:17am 
how much for borderlands
Fat Mac Jan 16 @ 9:26pm 
added from steamtrades