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Hey I'm Banette! (made this because I have an awesome boyfriend to do my shit for me)
:nekoheart: --Personal Q/A List-- a.k.a stuff about me :)-- :nekoheart:

*Insert Professor Oak voice.* Are you a boy or a girl? ? ...Boy

How old are you? ... I'm 18

What are your favorite colors? ... Pink and purple primarily, but I also like blue and black.

Why Banette? ... Banette is my favorite pokemon, when I was younger I used to go by BanetteBros but the "bros," part of my name didn't make too much sense-- so, well, it's gone now. It's just Banette.

When is your birthday? ... June 9th, making me a clever (i'm not clever but chill ok I don't need your sass) guy, 'cuz bois I'm a gemini.

:nekoheart: --Bonus material-- :nekoheart:

When I'm not on steam playing tf2 or brawlhalla or something similar, I can be found taking long romantic walks to a nearby manga store to pick up some hentai HELL yeah man. I collect hoodies, watch anime, find my boyfriend adorable & absolutely gush on his artwork (hey check him out man, he really could use the money cuz my broke ass doesn't pay for him :nekoheart:,) but yeah. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is my favorite anime, and my weeb ass boi decided he was suddenly Riza Hawkeye. Most of the time I'll fail to talk about his glory, and instead talk about a lot of tf2 related things & trading items.

oh this was also made by that cute sexy femboi beast riza hawkeye I mentioned earlier

we watch a lot of nekopara & hentai together ;)

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+rep rlly hot sexy man
Silo Jun 30 @ 4:27pm 
this is a real woman she thicc she can cook she dont got kids yet and she boutta get mine o boi
nep nep Jun 19 @ 1:10pm 
+rep daddy ;)

nep nep Jun 19 @ 1:10pm 
it takes a real man to 2 v1
Mushroom Jun 9 @ 8:40pm 
Oh shit, almost forgot, Happy Birthday! :D
Silo Jun 4 @ 2:36pm 
likes ass, he cool