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I'm also known as Gravel Poot,   Istanbul, Turkey
14 year old Wizard, Blender entrepreneur, meme and tea enthusiast, intelligent atheist and renowned historian. %100 Fresh. 10 Active Accounts.

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Well, hello there!

I am Gravity Fails, but like most people do, you can call me Gravity I guess.

Who am I?
Oh! Oh! I know the answer! I am an drunk Scottish mercenary, an counter-terrorist, a zombie apocalypse survivor and... and an robot designer! An WW2 tank ace, an expert surgeon and an insurgent! A demon slayer , and perhaps an genetic engineer! I'm an traveler in space and time who has sold his own soul and... Oh, you are wanting to know who I am in reality. Well when we get back in reality, there isn't much about me to be fair. I am a gamer, an amateur author and an cartoon enthusiast. Also I am an student who is getting ready for an major exam, so I might not be too active these days. Thats all. for now.

What are you doing on steam?
Such an odd question! I am of course playing video games, I mean, that is what steam is intended for. Although I guess over the years steam slightly turned into a gaming-social networking site, as now we got levels, groups, group chats and stuff like that. Well besides gaming, currently I write reviews and publish guides. Thats all. Though I am planning to start doing some workshop after my exams and everything else is over. Artwork? I am not so sure as I am not too good at art. I can try it tho.

What games do you play?
I play the games that are on my library. Well okay I must admit, that statement might not be super true. I am trying to play every single game on my library and try to increase my hours and all, but the thing is that before sales, I scavenge the entire steam store, and add many games into my wishlist. Before I add it to my wishlist, I look at its screenshots, videos and reviews. After all that if I like the game, it teleports into my wishlist. When sales strike, I buy that game, install it and all but sometimes the games will look good in paper, although I will not really enjoy it.(After all everyone has a different taste.) So maybe that’s why there are many games laying around in my library that I will most likely avoid. Why do you still have them then? The thing is, I could refund these games that I got bored from, the thing is that majority of the time I have broken the rules for refunding (I have more than 2 hours in the game or it has been more than 14 days since I have purchased it.) So I just let it lay there. After all, it makes me look like I have more games thus I can receive more experience when I buy more games. Aside from promotional rewards and all, sometimes I guess I can also avoid games that I have enjoyed. The answer why is obvious. There is this really addictive game which is demonic and haunts me, it is a game with a concept of an shooter game where team work is the key for winning. The game revolves around 9 classes with different abilities. Really addictive I must say, and it haunts me a lot. The typical demonic stuff, you know. So I just pour majority of my time and money there.

As you can see right now, I kinda look positive or energetic right? Well guess I have managed to give some good first time impressions. I’m just like this in general, I’m pretty laid back (unless we are playing something competitive) and chill. Of course, everyone has their own boiling point, but trust me it is hard for me to get mad. Besides that, I like few things. I love music, I like drawing and watching movies. I am mildly obsessed with anime and cartoons. I am also an history freak, I love history. Finally, I guess I am really a tomboy. I like military stuff a lot. I have slightly different opinion on politics and all, but hey, we are here to play games right? Also, I never get satisfied with certain things, one being my steam profile. My profile design never makes me satisfied enough so I always play with it, I don't usually change my name but my background, profile picture and everything may be different at some point. So get used to it.

For some reason, every single profile features their PC built in their profile, I don’t get why. It just gives out us what kinda PC you have(also bragging rights), but what will that grant? Exactly. Nothing. Anyways for the curious people out there I present you my: . . .


Let us begin:

CPU: Intel Core i3-8100
GPU: Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Mini (I am planning on replacing this with an EVGA GTX 1060 3GB)
RAM: Patriot Signature Line 8GB DDR-4-2400
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
PSU: EVGA BR 450W 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU
MOBO: Gigabyte H310M Micro ATX Motherboard
Case: Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass MicroATX Case
SSD: ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB SSD
Cooler: Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 120mm Fan
Operating System: Windows 10
Mouse: Logitech G502
Keyboard: Redragon K551
Monitor: ASUS VH238H
Serviceable Speakers: Logitech Z130
Gaming Headset: Corsair Raptor HS40
Wireless (Wi-Fi): TP-Link Archer T4U
Wired (Ethernet Cable): Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

Why both? Well the thing is that I use Wi-Fi when I am browsing stuff, as it is more convenient. Ethernet is when I am playing competitive matches, downloading things, streaming or uploading things, as in these scenarios Ethernet performs better. So, this is my build. Are you satisfied? Well I hope so.

Friend Requests.
Now you got to know about me, lets settle some rules about friend requests. Now, I do not really have strict rules like: ''YoU MusT Be LeVEl 10 oR HigHER bEfoRE adDinG XD'' You can add me, even if you are level one or three hundred. I don't mind if you have any bans, but of course, I will be more alert. But there is this one golden rule. For the sake of god, please comment before adding me. Unless we have played a game together and you add me right away, or we have chatted on forums and somehow got familiar with each other, I will not accept any random adds. Please justify your reason. ALSO, please do not invite me to any groups, giveaways, broadcasts or any rituals. If I wanted to join something, I would.

I have things to say about trading as well, but I don't wanna keep you more here (if you are still here), so there are few things about trading

Links to things.
I’m constructing an discord server, an steam group and an YouTube channel. This is for summer as my major exam will be over, and I will have enough free time. I want to try YouTube, and plan on recording game plays and stuff. Although that’s delayed for summer. Currently I’m constructing the media (Discord and Steam Group, also for the channel an YouTube Channel Art) that will be useful when I have an channel and an audience. Links of these will be provided as soon as it’s ready. You could join or subscribe to give me an head start if you want.

Yeah, you finally finished reading this wall of text. Well done, and you are free now.
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Please do not add me for trading, send your offers with the link below instead.
I only accept adds for negotiations which must be stated on my comment box.

Besides the items in the boxes above, or I list something on an online trading site like, nothing in my inventory is up for trade. I will state what I am buying or selling here as well.


Few links to help you:

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