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Dumont42 {FNG} Aug 1, 2013 @ 11:33am 
Man, idling overnight eh, don't mind the costs in diesel? :-)
Balaam {FNG} Aug 1, 2013 @ 7:02am 
The time played can be a bit deceptive as I frequently need to leave a game idling. I know I've idled overnight at least once because I never got back to the computer.
Dumont42 {FNG} Jul 31, 2013 @ 9:02pm 
That's a lot of game playing lately for someone who "doesn't have time" Even making custom peripherals. :-)
Balaam {FNG} Jul 3, 2010 @ 10:08am 
Did it for you.
Dumont42 {FNG} Jul 2, 2010 @ 9:26pm 
Thought you wouldn't be able to find the time. :-)