A Walros Man, the Übermensch   Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway


''Can You Feel My Heart should be the national anthem of Spain.'' -Zoid 2017
''White people are like the xbox, weird as that sounds.'' -Zoid 2018

Shawott156 : Everytime a tank is destoryed the aministraitor has an orgasim

*DEAD*(TEAM) İM_SO_FAT : micheal may sentryy

*DEAD*(TEAM) Nin_o : we need to retrat now

GNJ : remember the numer 41394278

Ja: A door must be either shut or open.
Ja: If you fear death, you are already dead.
Ja: Better to turn, than go astray.
Ja: Where there is a sea, there are pirates.
Ja: Even the best climber, may fall.
Ja: Worthless is the advice of fools.
Ja: A bea does not touch a withered flower.
Zoid: pls stop

*DEAD* ツGLÖKKÖツ : he got grits
*DEAD* ツGLÖKKÖツ : fuking random grits

haddadjoe66 : i think the nazi drunk
Ja : i think the jew is gassed
haddadjoe66 : am wornig u!!!!

*DEAD* ImLegitKaki : istiuyaeiurtoajhighzfdjgkzjlfhgjKJFHglkDFg
*DEAD* ImLegitKaki : fuck all te engeirs

convergent series : why the fuck are you

friendly neighbourhood hoovy : inpenetraple

ᶠᵘᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ : my team cant handle a sentury


*DEAD* LegoFoodJoker : hang yourself ja

Ape_GamingSK : someone cover me

{[NAVI]} DMZ74 HUN : i am hoovy pls don t kill
{[NAVI]} DMZ74 HUN : Pls don t kill me
*DEAD* {[NAVI]} DMZ74 HUN : fucking hoovy killers
{[NAVI]} DMZ74 HUN : ok mother fuckers im go insane

uga75 : i hate spown camping

ngithmrae : tbh with enough heals even a noob like Ja who ragequits every lobby can do good once in a while x)

Pink: ja, can you teach me how to play heavy?

JoelSteYT : waht is ja

Dart Rumka : Blu kick pls 'Ja' hacker!!! pls pls

FabHaderfic : pls gard my sentry

Super_moyen (Bullet Shaw@r Team : SHOT THE MEDIC IN FIRST REMENBER

(TEAM) Vinner : spy dead rimngered

(TEAM) Hguo : pus cart

*DEAD*(TEAM) --olkowsky-- : Spy!

Ja killed Ugger with market_gardener. (crit)
Ja killed Get_Good with market_gardener. (crit)
*DEAD* Get_Good : Ja wtf
*DEAD* Get_Good : Ja is hacking
Ja killed Get_Good with market_gardener. (crit)
*DEAD* Get_Good : Nope Ja is hacking
*DEAD* Get_Good : Legit

Divider of Worlds: How to be as good as Ja?
- open tf2
Divider of Worlds: - sit in main menu all day
Divider of Worlds: - nut in the official
Ja: - get 6000 hours of gameplay
Divider of Worlds: hours = skill

*DEAD* R A I D A レイダ : ja scuant
R A I D A レイダ : get a life fucking nerd kangaroo

[GPX]Sans : hey ja do you can german?

*DEAD* Edoreand : nice rocket kim jung cancer ung
*DEAD* Edereand : ja is cancer and cancer is ja

*DEAD* Katt : i think ja is hackig

(TEAM) ☠Head_Hunter☠ : emil maki USE A FULL SENTRY!

*DEAD* iVox : ja you are being uploaded

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Divider of Worlds Jun 26 @ 9:28am 
Hey, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
Leaskel(Gone4AWhile) Jun 26 @ 6:22am 
ᴏғᴏ Sanguine Jun 25 @ 11:08am 
can you merc for us at 21:00? cp_steel demoman
Zoid Jun 16 @ 4:22pm 
Stats are as following:
Height: width.
Weight: 5 inches 9 cm and lbs
Belly girth: about the size of shrek's belly
Gamerlevel: Pro-fensinol_gamro of the east:!2

Yes. I am cool. thanks for asking. altho i never asked for you questions ;U
Zoid Jun 10 @ 6:01pm 
Just in case I never told you. There is something you need to know. I need to tell you this now, before I forget. - the forgotten ♥♥♥♥♥♥
✖ CraZZy ✖ Jun 7 @ 6:24am 
-rep Ебанная наводка♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥