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metamod + sourcemod + l4d1 = chaos, fun, people that connect across the globe including people from japan, bad ping when you locally host the server, little to absolutely no sourcemod and metamod support while having the server being dedicated or official dedicated, a plugin that can create a plane crash animation with sounds and everything at your crosshair, a plugin that adds the beta unused animations for the weapons that makes them feel a thousand times better, and more... much much more. deserves way more recognition. l4d2 gives me a black screen and crashes my system, not sure why.

But hey, I gotta say... Way less guns, less special infected, less maps, only 4 survivors, no specific mechanics, no one man cheeseburger apocalypse and no Leaker and Boomette. Doesn't matter. Game is a masterpiece and is extremely fun, and in my honest opinion:

This game is better than Left 4 Dead 2.
Posted June 2.
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Spent over two hours and a half just downloading the game itself. The time I have registered into the game was me updating the game via the launcher for 3 hours straight. Eventually gave up when it was at 33.7%, and now I just noticed that the progress has been reset and I have to probably wait about 9 hours to download the updates. Why the game doesn't contain the updates via downloading the game from Steam? I don't know. Just thought that this would be an interesting alternative to Call of Duty: Online, and it really is.

Pretty great game, just don't recommend it if you have bad internet. Spent hours on end just downloading the updates from the launcher.

But try the game yourself, it seems pretty fun, wish I could play it though.
Posted March 17.
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Pretty good game. Sayori is the best girl, by the way.

By the way, please don't fight me in the comment section...
Posted January 24.
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okay so I though that I could run it, turns out I seriously can't.

fps is below 14, but hey, the game's pretty cool and stuff.

I'm suprised that I could even get to the part that you play, and be able to look around with a 1.5 second delay.

so yeah, the game's pretty cool, if you're reading this at this after 08/31/2018 or something like that, Humble Bundle's free keys thingy is over.

Also, it would be nice if somebody could tell me if there's a way to play the game on 640x480 or below resolution, if there is, please tell me, I seriously couldn't find a way to get the resolution below that.
Posted August 31, 2018.
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The best Half-Life modifcation of all time.
Download Low Definition packs, make content for the game, look at how stupid people are when they kill Zombie Grunts with the Phyton instead of the SPAS-12, yell at people for not going down or up on the ladders, PAINFULLY WATCH PEOPLE SHOOTING THE APACHE WITH EVERY POSSIBLE WEAPON BUT NOT EXPLOSIVES, KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE PEOPLE USE EVERY SINGLE WEAPON BUT NOT EXPLOSIVES ON THE GARGANTUA. DIE EXPLAINING PEOPLE THAT NPC IS FRIENDLY.
Posted April 15, 2017.
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I played Team Fortress Classic for the first time in 2013, it wasnt my game, it was awful for me, couldn't stand a chance agaisnt scouts, I was really really bad at the game. But now,after 8 months of not playing it, I understand that this is a huge game with lots of things to do, and guess what? You need skill. How much skill? Lots, lots of skill, the first class I played as was as the Scout, it was fun to mess around and die in 1 hit by a direct rocket hit, hehe, but then I got serious in the game, started playing it like a competitive game, and then, I got good at it, I played lots of matches, some were versus bots and some with veterans, then, I started playing with the most ''useless'' classes that people think that are really bad and that people should never play with them, played as demoman, got a 4 kill streak once, played as pyro, killed the entire opposing team in a match, and they say that the game is dead, bad, unbalanced, not fun, not worth buying, those people are wrong, very very wrong, this game is worth all of your time and your money. Buy it, you will not regret this massively fast paced first person shooter.

Player name: Johneehboi, you can find me playing on medium populated servers such as Twisted Dustbowl and some others.

Many thanks to the Steam user ''Tom Fortress Classic'' for giving me this game as a gift, thank you very much.
Posted June 7, 2016.
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I... I really enjoy this game, it's fun to play and stuff, but there is one thing that some people dosent like.

PERMA-DEATH. Perma death in this game is the worst thing ever and you will regret not dying, right?

-Buys Semi Tractor after getting enough money
-Tries to go to a scout with it
-Forgots that it only has 10 armour each side
-Driver gets stunned and almost died
-Calls for help
-Ok, a guy is trying to help me after my driver almost died.
-(Engine is at 8%)
-Guy that tried to kill the vehicle that got stuck inside my semi tries to be badass and kill it.
-Realizes that the shots hit my semi and not the enemy vehicle
-(''Massive concussion hit Samuel'')
-(''Medium damage to engine'')
-(''Engine destroyed!'')
-(''Shot passes through Samuel's kidney'')
-(''Samuel takes a blast to the stomach'')
-(''Samuel has DIED!'')
- me: ...
- guy that shot my semi and killed my character : ♥♥♥♥
- guy that shot my semi and killed my character : ♥♥♥♥ sorry
-After some moments of silence and realizing that ''Clocky'' didnt press the ''Ready'' button guy that shot my semi says: ap
- guy that shot my semi and killed my character : ap clocky
- *rubs tears off*
- im done with this game.

-After getting sad that i didnt had any vehicles left i had a idea of trying to order a new Semi.
-Orders semi
-Semi is 381 miles away from me
-I have no vehicles
-Buys one vehicle
-Fails trying to get to semi
-Buys another vehicle
-Op encounter that ran out of ammo didnt stop following me.
-I had to give up.
-Le surrender
-Talks to someone named ashlee
-Says that Semi is busted
-Says if can get the semi for me
-Says that is going to give 20k if get the semi to me
-Ashlee says k
-Goes to sleep
-(1 day later)
-Asks Ashlee to see if got my semi
-Ashlee says that didnt saw the semi on the market
-Notices that Ashlee is lying after a few moments of conversation
-Ashlee says that how could he get the semi if it had no engine
-Says that he could buy one
-Says to check my activities
-Ignores me (Blocks me)
-Says childish stuff


10/10 Would never play again.
Posted July 13, 2015. Last edited July 30, 2015.
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Early Access Review
When i saw this game at the first time i found it fun cause i watched some videos of it.

My first vehicle (Robot) was a truck. I got to lvl 8 or 9 whit him, after some days playing whit truck i built a bus, spent all my money on armour and defense onto it, was the vehicle that i more cared about i got more kills and lvled up to lvl 12.
My last vehcile that i built was a S.U.V i really spent mutch money on her, i got to lvl 15 i think or lvl 16 idk i dont remember but whitnot her i would never get that Rail Gun!

[Found a guy almost dead whit just 2 blocks and 1 wheel, covered him, risked my life for him TO PROTECT HIM FROM A SNIPER THAT WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM, AFTER 9 SECS DEFENDING HIM I DID NOT NOTICED THAT HE MOVED THEN HE KILT THE GUY, too hard to make peace :c .

11/10 would do that again.
Posted September 18, 2014. Last edited September 18, 2014.
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Early Access Review

Dont lags too mutch 14.3/10

Only costs 200 MB'S to play 18/10

Gore lags a little 9.2/10

Zombies dont climb 10/10

Can connect to servers whit hamachi 10/10
Posted July 15, 2014.
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I dont recomend to laggy players (LIKE ME) because the graphics are 2 high for your pc (I PUT IN LOW) But if you dont want lag go in options and put the graphics on low. (if still lagging idk what to do)
Posted April 11, 2014.
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