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The Ashes of our Culture
Sir Miguel the Trans Friendly
Mike rides into the liberal village of his fiefdom

Pierre, sense, and sleezy lazing about in a stupor looking with greedy eyes for a handout

in the distant grain fields a swarthy midget named Jan is managing a bunch of lads in lifting hay bales, among them Maelstrom, Adonis, heaven, and jaybino

Mike ambiguously shifts on his roan warhorse

"Eunuch, bring forth the jester for the town's people!"

giggling, Prop squelches forth, leading Jordan on a chain

"Jester, I command you to entertain the rabble. I am leaving to my holdfast with my wife Karolina."

Jordan giggles and starts stamping about

"Come one come all ahahahah! You're all fucking cucks! I am juicy the prolix, portentous jester! You shall touch my sack and have wind of my words!" shits all over himself and starts flinging poop


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