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Baby Vaso Jan 10 @ 8:34pm 
Sorry Nova, but that just isn't the case. You are lumping all types of media together. Vlogs are watched in short burst, general videos, prank videos etc. Gaming video is the complete opposite. No one wants their inbox spammed with gaming related videos as Vlogs and the like are hard to mass produce, most people only make a video once or week or twice which is healthy. Gaming channels spam inboxes with 4 to 5 videos weekly it can be very annoying so people just won't bother watching any. More videos feel like more work.
NoVa🌈 Jan 9 @ 9:04am 
That Status Post really did annoy me (especially the first reply you posted right after mine), which is what caused the removal/block. Didn't even bother looking at what you sent via private message at the time, because I was sure that you were going to say more bad stuff.

Videos are only 1 hour long if they absolutely have to be. If I can keep them between 20-30 mins, I will. Most people prefer videos to be short, actually.
Saronali Jan 9 @ 8:52am 
Nice avatar
Baby Vaso Jan 2 @ 11:57pm 
Since you don't allow people to comment on your page yet you comment on other people's, as a viewer of your videos, not all but some I was giving you positive critizism since I want more people to appreciate your work but you're yet another person that lash out against anyone who wants to help you and then you wonder why not many people watch your stuff.

Hopefully you don't think I care if you remove me.
NoVa🌈 Dec 29, 2016 @ 1:30pm 
Removed as I don't like people complaining about my videos. Oh, and I prefer to keep each part within the 20-30 minute mark, not 1 hour. Thanks.
Arcade Brunestud Dec 21, 2016 @ 11:39pm 
Sorry for bugging you about this, but this Zero dude has been adding me almost every year ever since I removed him, rambling about mistakes, rose and his ex. Any chance you can shed some light to me on what this crap is about?