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Posted: Aug 13, 2019 @ 10:34am
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Move or Die is a competitive platformer multiplayer game in which you have to gain points from lots of different game modes. It also has a mutator system in which a player gets to apply a temporary game rule and spice the game up. This system is fair too, everyone gets to pick a mutator. Even if it looks like gambling, it is more likely rigged gambling to let everyone pick a mutator one after another. Is it fair and rigged in the same time? Those 2 words contradict each other... anyway, Move or Die is my favorite local multiplayer game. I have played many couch party games but me and my friend are enjoying this one the most. It is competitive but it won't ruin friendships, mainly because the game is so good vibed, cute and funny. In fact, i bought the 4-pack bundle and gifted the 3 extra copies to some friends, i had fun but it's still better locally. Let me remind you that the best part in this is that you only need one copy of the game for a couch party (duh).
The graphics, animations, effects, soundtrack and sound effects are ok, they won't hurt your eyes or ears for sure. You should have at least 4gb of ram and a dedicated gpu, it ran pretty bad on a laptop i tested it on without a dedicated gpu.
There are a lot of announcers that you can use for free, i'm using the Lily Pichu one. All skins can be obtained with in-game money. They used to be steam store items but they just changed them to be in-game items only. The developers keep adding content like new game modes and mutators.

Thanks to Raz for introducing me to this game and drawing me a a character that is a combination of Maeve from Paladins and Uganda Knuckles.

Worked on graphics, animations, effects, soundtrack and sound effects
Great and diverse couch party game
Still gets updates with free content

If you have friends that come at your place and play video games with you this is a must have. 9.5/10

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