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EinMeister ツ
Hi there!
I'm just a guy who loves sandbox, bullet heaven and competitive games.

This is my official smurf account without cs:go . I dont have other accounts!
Character type: INFP-T []
Current profile photo: Paladins Maeve fanart
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I n f o r m a t i o n . e x e

I accept people with nice profiles over level 10 and Steam-Activity Active.

Please consider joining my group EinMeister's personal army .

My profile is optimized for PC's.

My favorite music type is rock, and my favorite rock bands are Icon For Hire , System Of A Down and Rammstein

Im male.

I'm a Dandere.

I appreciate every nice comment! Thanks everyone for the support!

I'm a normal person, dont treat me different if i have bigger lvl than you.

I don't answer personal questions.

I hate nightcores, so fuck off with them!

Don't fkin sign or ask for one from me. I hate signs and i think they are stupid.

My favorite games are:
Paladins (I am the proud nr 62 from the world with my dear Maeve!)
Terraria (Favorite class - Ranger)
Hotline Miami (Favorite mission - Death wish)
Starbound (Favorite mission - Crystal mission facility)
Rimworld (I dont even own this game, i'm playing it on family share. I wanna it very much so if u wanna give me it as a gift, just go for it!)
Craft the World (Cool game but hard at first try...)
Pony Island (Favorite level - Pony rush to escape Satan)
Counter Strike (Favorite weapon - SSG or Sawed-off)

My anime list []

Special persons for me

Guppy Camatara - My best friend on steam! We played together Terraria more than 300 hours, He knows EVERYTHING about it!
Caitlin-chan - She is my real life best friend. AWESOME DRAWINGS!
Arthur - My first friend on steam. He showed me about steam and encouraged me to use it.
Dimos - He is a good friend, we meet on Csn:Z (addicting game). Nice jokes!
Lance - A nice person. Warning! Ey yo intensifies!
Inairl - We played paladins A LOT!
Nykz He donated to me cuz im poor af and he wanted to give me smth to eat.

You guys have all my respect ;)

If you dont appear here maybe we dont speaked enought or i dont know you well, please dont be angry to me or smth like that.
Number of noticed friends who deleted me because of that: 1.
Number of times i got hurt by another friend's "best friends list": 1.

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Laser Sunset Jun 19 @ 3:17am 
What the fuck
LanceTG Jun 19 @ 3:17am 
dang dat niggah just got signed
Guppy Cămătara' Jun 19 @ 3:15am 

Profile signed by some cunt with a lesbian-ass name
I have no friends and I don't accept refuses
I'm proud to say I'm the eater of ass
Good job on getting nr 69 on teletubies 2k16

Kingfer Jun 11 @ 2:56am 
(,,•́ ؎•̀,,)
Jackt Jun 8 @ 12:11pm 
who this fgr
Snowbeat Jun 7 @ 4:55am